“Digital Manufacturing Base” Put into Production Officially

    On March 30, 2020, KEDA held the launching ceremony of “Digital manufacturing base” in Shilong industrial park, Shunde district, Foshan city.
    When addressing the ceremony, Mr. Bian Cheng, Chairman of KEDA, said that though our overseas salesmen could not visit customers due to the global pandemic, overseas orders still increased slightly in the first quarter than last year and kept rising, therefore, a new manufacturing base is needed to meet the overseas demand.
    The “Digital manufacturing base” has a total investment of 78.5 million USD, 110 million USD of sales and 7 million USD of tax after reaching target output in the future.
    During the outbreak of novel coronavirus epidemic, there are more than 100 employees of KEDA still working overseas. Meanwhile, KEDA not only offered them enough materials for epidemic prevention, but also donated over 100,000 masks with CE certification to overseas customers in need, especially Italian colleagues.
    The new base is the 4th plant in Shunde of KEDA, mainly used for R&D and production of intelligent ceramic equipment. 
    It is with an area of 51,600 square meters, a three-story workshop with total height 24m, a complete set of advanced processing equipment including welding robots, laser cutters and IT control system, etc. 
    The project will enlarge production capacity to meet the fast-growing demand in overseas market and accelerate the progress of KEDA globalization.


The 2nd Smart Production Line of Xiejin Started Warming up

       On March 15, Guangxi Xiejin project Phase II designed and constructed by KEDA——Smart production line for single-fired large slab and glaze polishing tile started warming up successfully.
       KEDA supplied spray dryer, press KD10008, 6-layer dryer, kiln, polishing line, packing line and smart control system for this project. It can produce 1000 × 2000 (mm), 900 × 1800 (mm), 750 × 1500 (mm), 600 × 1200 (mm) large slab, also be compatible with 800 × 800 (mm) glazed polishing tile.
       It is equipped with 2 sets of press KD10008 that featured with stable operation, high efficiency, low energy consumption, good adaptability to powder, balanced pressing force and less thickness error.
        It is also equipped with NC smart squaring & chamfering line that can help to reduce numbers and skill requirements of operators, improve automation and accurately control the tile size.   
       The first production line of Guangxi Xiejin, which put into service last August, has run smoothly with excellent rate over 95% and output 20000~21000m²/day,and the coal consumption of kiln has maintained around 3.2kg/m² ceramic tile, converting coal to natural gas ( heat value 8300 kcal/Nm³) , kiln NG consumptionis only 1.6m³/m² ceramic tile.

       For the second production line, ERS second-generation final cooling heat recycling system is used, which enhances the energy saving, also ensures stable firing and cooling during heat recycling for product stability. And some human-oriented designs also made on kiln furniture structure, such as adjustment device of manual valve, accident treatment holes, etc.

      The smart control system of the second production line, comparing with that of the first production line, increases the data collection function on glazing lines and gets more intelligent.
       The smart control system has been greatly accepted by Guangxi Xiejin, furthermore, they plan to adopt high-density intelligent storage system in the phase III for higher intelligent level of whole plant. And after visited the factory of Guangxi Xiejin, some other customers also have a strong desire to adopt the smart control system on their production lines.

      Benefiting from the application of smart control system, 30% workers reduced comparing with the normal production line, labor cost is greatly reduced.
      Around the Chinese Spring Festival, the total project order value of KEDA is more than 100 million RMB. The new smart production line of Xiejin will be put into service officially on April 1. And in the near future, more lines undertaken by KEDA will put into service.
      2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCov) has been defined as public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC). KEDA will struggle against the epidemic with customers worldwide; meanwhile, we must try our best to guarantee the quality, continuously create greater value for customers.


SAXA and KEDA Exchange Greetings

On Feb. 26th (Beijing time), KEDA received a video from Mr. Francesco Borgomeo, Chairman of Tagina company and Saxa Gres Group. With great sincerity, Mr. Francesco Borgomeo gave a greeting in Chinese through video to express the determination to overcome difficulties with KEDA.
“Dear experts and friends in ceramic industry, Tagina and Saxa Gres staffs are with you. The relationship of Italy and China, the same as that of Tagina and Foshan, is getting closer and closer. Sharing weal and woe, we believed we can work together soon. Every day we need to choose hope over fear just as kites rise highest against the wind, but not with it. A sincere hug to you, hopefully we can re-launch the wonderful China-Italy ceramic art before long. Go China, Go Foshan, Go Wuhan!" 

Recently, China has made some achievement in controlling the epidemic while the number of new infected is rising rapidly outside China, especially in Italy. Under this situation, Mr. Francesco personally recorded the video to send best wishes and encouragement to colleagues of Chinese ceramic industry, which further reflects the true friendship out of adversity.
KEDA chairman, Mr. Bian Cheng was deeply touched and inspired by the video; on the same day he replied Mr. Francesco with a video to express KEDA’s confidence and determination to get through the hard times as well as the expectation for bright future of mutual cooperation.
“Dear Mr. Francesco, we appreciate your understanding and encouragement! When both of us are confronting this sudden challenge, your blessing boosts our morale to overcome difficulties. KEDA has resumed production on February 10th, we are bound to meet expectations and provide superior products and services to customers despite difficulties and challenges ahead. The cooperation between KEDA and SAXA has just begun. As long as we stick together, our cooperation will bloom one day. Winter will always pass, spring is sure to come! We look forward to meeting in the bloomy spring days, hug again, and toast again! Thank you!"
Since returning to work, KEDA has been promoting production and management.The two complete production lines of super-thick tiles purchased by SAXA last year have been being in the process of manufacturing and are scheduled to be put into production before the opening of CRESAIE and Tecnargilla 2020 in Italy.
 Roller kiln & 4-layer roller dryer under construction.
SAXA Gres Group is the first company in Europe to produce ceramic tiles over thickness 3cm. The two production lines will be used to manufacture outdoor tiles of thickness 5-6.5cm, which is a new challenge for KEDA.
 Shuttle kiln & shuttle dryer under construction.
Mr. Bian Cheng has emphasized that the cooperation with SAXA is not only a business of equipment supply and profit obtaining; it would give KEDA more confidence to enter the European market and move forward to its globalization target.

From the consideration above, KEDA will do the best to make it as a reference project in the European market. 
The blessings from our Italian partner not only embody the spirit of solidarity and mutual support, but also reflect the “Community of shared future for mankind”. KEDA staffs hope to unite with the whole ceramic industry to defeat difficulties and receive the coming of the spring.


KEDA Debuts at CEVISAMA 2020

On February 7, CEVISAMA 2020 was held at the Valencia Trade Fair in Spain. Due to the novel coronavirus epidemic, without Chinese team member, but only a team with Italian and Spanish employees of KEDA Europe received the visiting customers at the exhibition site.
KEDA participated in the exhibition for the first time this year and has gained wide attention.
KEDA booth, with “Chinese red” as the design element, was located in the hall No. 7. At site, KEDA showed its latest technologies of intelligent polishing line, large-tonnage press, high-efficiency & energy-saving complete plant projects for ceramic tiles, and circular product projects for cellular ceramics and permeable bricks. Besides, samples of cellular ceramics, permeable bricks, LUXCO coating tiles, dry squaring wheels and hydraulic pumps were displayed.
ICF & Welko also took part in the exhibition and showed its new kiln technology and innovative application in slab manufacturing.
The customers from Algeria, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan and other countries came to KEDA booth to inquiry the KEDA latest products. They are very delighted to know about the establishment of KEDA Europe and expected its better and efficient services in the future. European customers showed strong interest in KEDA permeable brick production line. Some customers were interested in replacing their used press with KEDA press and planning to introduce new squaring & chamfering lines.

This is the first exhibition KEDA attended in Europe since KEDA Europe set up. Doctor Paolo Malagoli, sales manager of KEDA Europe, said the exhibition also bridged KEDA to eastern European market. “We get the opportunity to know ceramic exhibitors from eastern European countries and enhance mutual understanding, which lays foundation for further cooperation."


KEDA Dry Squaring & Chamfering Machine Makes New Break in Turkey

Recently, KEDA’s dry squaring & chamfering machine for low water absorption glazed porcelain tiles won recognition of Turkish customers for its continuous high-quality and high efficiency production.

The new machine has set a record of quality and output. For the tile 600×600mm water absorption within 0.11%~0.17%, after processing, the cutting removal is 10-12mm, the diagonal error is within 0.5mm, the edge parallel error is within 0.1mm, the high-grade rate is up to 99.1%, and the squaring speed is up to 31 pcs/min with fine cutting track.

The low water absorption glazed porcelain tiles are featured with hard glaze and body, which will result in squaring wheel vibration easily. In order to eliminate the wheel vibration, KEDA specially designed speed adjustable squaring head and squaring wheel enables to reduce the glaze cracking, and increase the qualified product rate greatly. Optimal design has made for the whole machine structure and appearance as well.

The excellent performance of KEDA machine has dispelled customers’ doubts about its processing effects of glazed tiles with low water absorption. Besides, competing with the local machine in customer's factory highlighted the superiority of KEDA machine.

In the past, European style machinery and equipment has been popular in Turkey, however, in recent years, the Chinese-made ceramics machinery represented by KEDA has gradually entered Turkey market, such as final processing machinery, large-tonnage presses, energy-saving kiln, continuous ball mill, etc. For high cost performance of Chinese machinery, both customers get higher profit and meanwhile KEDA enjoys a good reputation in the Turkey market.


KEDA Debut at Ceramic Expo Bangladesh 2019

From December 5th to 7th, Ceramic EXPO BANGLADESH 2019 was held at Dhaka International Convention City Bashundhara. The exhibition covered an area of 13,000 square meters with 4 stand-alone halls, which was 4 times of last exhibition area, attracted lots of well-known ceramic enterprises from the world.
Leading by Mr. Yao Jie, the brand director of KEDA international marketing center, KEDA participated the EXPO for the first time with its latest products and technologies of ceramic machinery and bricks machinery in Hall 1. Since all most of ceramic enterprises in Bangladesh has business relationship with KEDA, KEDA stand welcomed constant consulting and negotiating of the customers.
In recent years, the ceramic industry in Bengal has developed rapidly. As a Chinese equipment supplier who entered the Bangladesh market earlier, KEDA has enjoyed a good reputation in Bengal by virtue of excellent products, such as press 08 series, energy-saving kiln, polishing line and squaring machines, etc. KEDA has supplied more than 20 polishing lines to almost all of the ceramic enterprises in Bangladesh. In addition, KEDA has also undertaken the complete plant project for the ceramic enterprises, such as X-ceramic, AB-ceramic, Sanita, Pangwang ceramic, of which, 4 production lines of AB-ceramic were built by KEDA, with 8 presses and 2 of them are assemblable press KD3808A.

There are more than 20 ceramic enterprises in Bangladesh and more than 70% ceramic products are produced by local manufacturers. As one of the major tile manufacturing countries in South Asia, Bangladesh had 119 million square meters ceramic tile output in 2018. The government encouraged the exports of ceramic products, which stimulated the rapid development of the ceramic industry and rapid growth of exports in recent years. However, due to the fast expanding and development in recent years, the growth of ceramic market and the demand would slow down for its excess production capacity.