• Bian Cheng

    Joined the Company in 1998 and served as director and general manager of the Company until August 2012. Since then he has served as chairman till now. He is also director of KEDA (Shenyang) Clean Energy, director of Lanke Lithium Industry, and director of Foshan Zhongtao Alliance Technology Co., Ltd., president of Foshan Enterprise Confederation, president of Guangdong Building Materials Industry Association.

  • Zhang Jian

    Vice Chairman
    Currently vice-chairman of KEDA, director and senior vice president of Macrolink Group, and president of Ceramics and Equipment Department of Macrolink Group, and vice president of Macrolink Holdings Co., Ltd. 

  • Zhong Yingzhou

    Director, Vice President
    Used to be general manager of Import/Export Department of Guangdong Xinzhongyuan Ceramics Co., Ltd., general manager of Eagle Brand Co., Ltd., general manager of Operating Development of Shanghai Asia Ceramics Co., Ltd. He joined the Company on October 1, 2015, and is now director of the Company and general manager of Global Business Center. He is also chairman of Xincheng International (Hong Kong), chairman of KEDA Hong Kong, chairman of Guangdong Xincheng Financing, director of Keda Holding, director of Brightstar Investment, director of Keda Kenya, director of Keda Tanzania and director of Keda Zambia.

  • Shen Yanchang

    Currently director of the Company. Since February 2004, he has served as legal representative and general manager of Guangzhou Senda Trading Co., Ltd.

  • Jiao Shenghong

    Used to be deputy general manager of Ningxia Modern Agriculture Investment Group. From 2016 to 2017, he served as deputy director of the Audit Department of Macrolink Group. Currently chairman of the Company's Supervisory Committee and director of Risk Control.