SAXA and KEDA Exchange Greetings

On Feb. 26th (Beijing time), KEDA received a video from Mr. Francesco Borgomeo, Chairman of Tagina company and Saxa Gres Group. With great sincerity, Mr. Francesco Borgomeo gave a greeting in Chinese through video to express the determination to overcome difficulties with KEDA.
“Dear experts and friends in ceramic industry, Tagina and Saxa Gres staffs are with you. The relationship of Italy and China, the same as that of Tagina and Foshan, is getting closer and closer. Sharing weal and woe, we believed we can work together soon. Every day we need to choose hope over fear just as kites rise highest against the wind, but not with it. A sincere hug to you, hopefully we can re-launch the wonderful China-Italy ceramic art before long. Go China, Go Foshan, Go Wuhan!" 

Recently, China has made some achievement in controlling the epidemic while the number of new infected is rising rapidly outside China, especially in Italy. Under this situation, Mr. Francesco personally recorded the video to send best wishes and encouragement to colleagues of Chinese ceramic industry, which further reflects the true friendship out of adversity.
KEDA chairman, Mr. Bian Cheng was deeply touched and inspired by the video; on the same day he replied Mr. Francesco with a video to express KEDA’s confidence and determination to get through the hard times as well as the expectation for bright future of mutual cooperation.
“Dear Mr. Francesco, we appreciate your understanding and encouragement! When both of us are confronting this sudden challenge, your blessing boosts our morale to overcome difficulties. KEDA has resumed production on February 10th, we are bound to meet expectations and provide superior products and services to customers despite difficulties and challenges ahead. The cooperation between KEDA and SAXA has just begun. As long as we stick together, our cooperation will bloom one day. Winter will always pass, spring is sure to come! We look forward to meeting in the bloomy spring days, hug again, and toast again! Thank you!"
Since returning to work, KEDA has been promoting production and management.The two complete production lines of super-thick tiles purchased by SAXA last year have been being in the process of manufacturing and are scheduled to be put into production before the opening of CRESAIE and Tecnargilla 2020 in Italy.
 Roller kiln & 4-layer roller dryer under construction.
SAXA Gres Group is the first company in Europe to produce ceramic tiles over thickness 3cm. The two production lines will be used to manufacture outdoor tiles of thickness 5-6.5cm, which is a new challenge for KEDA.
 Shuttle kiln & shuttle dryer under construction.
Mr. Bian Cheng has emphasized that the cooperation with SAXA is not only a business of equipment supply and profit obtaining; it would give KEDA more confidence to enter the European market and move forward to its globalization target.

From the consideration above, KEDA will do the best to make it as a reference project in the European market. 
The blessings from our Italian partner not only embody the spirit of solidarity and mutual support, but also reflect the “Community of shared future for mankind”. KEDA staffs hope to unite with the whole ceramic industry to defeat difficulties and receive the coming of the spring.