The 2nd Smart Production Line of Xiejin Started Warming up

       On March 15, Guangxi Xiejin project Phase II designed and constructed by KEDA——Smart production line for single-fired large slab and glaze polishing tile started warming up successfully.
       KEDA supplied spray dryer, press KD10008, 6-layer dryer, kiln, polishing line, packing line and smart control system for this project. It can produce 1000 × 2000 (mm), 900 × 1800 (mm), 750 × 1500 (mm), 600 × 1200 (mm) large slab, also be compatible with 800 × 800 (mm) glazed polishing tile.
       It is equipped with 2 sets of press KD10008 that featured with stable operation, high efficiency, low energy consumption, good adaptability to powder, balanced pressing force and less thickness error.
        It is also equipped with NC smart squaring & chamfering line that can help to reduce numbers and skill requirements of operators, improve automation and accurately control the tile size.   
       The first production line of Guangxi Xiejin, which put into service last August, has run smoothly with excellent rate over 95% and output 20000~21000m²/day,and the coal consumption of kiln has maintained around 3.2kg/m² ceramic tile, converting coal to natural gas ( heat value 8300 kcal/Nm³) , kiln NG consumptionis only 1.6m³/m² ceramic tile.

       For the second production line, ERS second-generation final cooling heat recycling system is used, which enhances the energy saving, also ensures stable firing and cooling during heat recycling for product stability. And some human-oriented designs also made on kiln furniture structure, such as adjustment device of manual valve, accident treatment holes, etc.

      The smart control system of the second production line, comparing with that of the first production line, increases the data collection function on glazing lines and gets more intelligent.
       The smart control system has been greatly accepted by Guangxi Xiejin, furthermore, they plan to adopt high-density intelligent storage system in the phase III for higher intelligent level of whole plant. And after visited the factory of Guangxi Xiejin, some other customers also have a strong desire to adopt the smart control system on their production lines.

      Benefiting from the application of smart control system, 30% workers reduced comparing with the normal production line, labor cost is greatly reduced.
      Around the Chinese Spring Festival, the total project order value of KEDA is more than 100 million RMB. The new smart production line of Xiejin will be put into service officially on April 1. And in the near future, more lines undertaken by KEDA will put into service.
      2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCov) has been defined as public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC). KEDA will struggle against the epidemic with customers worldwide; meanwhile, we must try our best to guarantee the quality, continuously create greater value for customers.