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KEDA Industrial Group was founded in 1992 and listed both on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2002 (stock code: 600499) and the SIX Swiss Exchange in 2022 (stock code “KEDA”). With innovative techniques and a global network, KEDA Industrial Group is committed to providing customized sustainable solutions and advanced technologies for customers to achieve better performance.
KEDA Industrial Group has rapidly grown in multiple business sectors, especially in Building Materials Machinery (Ceramic Machinery, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Machinery, Stone Machinery), Building Materials, New Energy Materials, and New Energy Machinery. 70+ subsidiaries and 30+ research & production bases are currently planned and operated worldwide. Meanwhile, products have been sold to 70+ countries and regions.
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Business Sectors
Ceramic Machinery
Ceramic Machinery
AAC Machinery
AAC Machinery
Stone Machinery
Stone Machinery
Building Materials
Building Materials
Lithium-ion Battery Materials
Lithium-ion Battery Materials
Lithium-ion Battery Materials Machinery
Lithium-ion Battery Materials Machinery
Hydraulic Machinery
Hydraulic Machinery
Clean Energy &<br>Environmental Protection
Clean Energy &
Environmental Protection
Smart Energy
Smart Energy
Ceramic Machinery
KEDA Industrial Group started out by manufacturing ceramic machinery, which is now one of its core businesses and owns three brands: "KEDA", "HLT&DLT", and "ICF & Welko". The product lines cover various machinery equipment for raw material preparation, pressing and forming, drying and firing, deep processing, sorting and packaging, warehousing and logistics. Meanwhile, sales of accessories and consumables, and operation and maintenance services of whole lines are provided as well, delivering overall solutions for ceramic manufacturing to global customers. Differentiated products and services can be tailored to the actual production needs of global customers.
AAC Machinery
KEDA SUREMAKER (Anhui KEDA Industrial Co., Ltd) is a holistic autoclaved aerated concrete plant solution supplier from China, providing customers with customized service including production process and formula design, equipment R&D, manufacturing, plant engineering, personnel training,and operation management consulting, etc. In both Chinese market and the overseas AAC market, KEDA has demonstrated its strong momentum. Nowadays, the AAC plants powered by KEDA SUREMAKER have been distributed to Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South Asia, South America. As the vice president unit of China Aerated Concrete Association and the associated member of European AAC Association, KEDA SUREMAKER is committed to promoting the development of the worldwide AAC industry and the industry standadization work.
Stone Machinery
Since 2016, the company has established presence in the ceramic markets of developing countries, and has worked closely with strategic partners to successively build and operate ceramic factories in five African countries of Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Senegal and Zambia. . .
The current annual output of architectural ceramics exceeds 100 million square meters. Positioned as a large building materials group in Africa, at present the company is primarily concentrated on growing the production and sales of building ceramics in the African market, and is gradually exploring other building material industries such as sanitary ware and glass. At the same time, preliminary research has been conducted in Peru, South America.
Building Materials
With the steady increase in the urbanization rate in African countries, the demand for tiles from local municipal and residents is also on the rise. KEDA Group seized the market opportunities and decided to expand the business into building materials. KEDA Group cooperated strategically with Sunda Group in 2016, one of the earliest international trading enterprises in China entering into overseas markets such as Africa and South America. Later on, “2022 Top 100 Global Building Materials Industry Listed Companies” was achieved in 2022.
Lithium-ion Battery Materials
The rapid growth of new energy vehicles and energy storage leads to an increase in demand for lithium-ion battery related materials and machinery, therefore, KEDA Industrial Group prospectively expanded its business into both of the fields for the lithium-ion.
Lithium-ion Battery Materials Machinery
Combined with 30-year experience on the technical development of advance machinery manufacturing and 8-year exploration of the lithium-ion battery materials industry, KEDA Industrial Group decided to make a strategic move into the lithium-ion battery materials machinery. KEDA Industrial Group’s Institute of Lithium-ion Battery Material Machinery was established in 2022. Besides, the Company will centre around the sintering machinery to further improve its front-end and back-end product lines, and try to produce the automated production line. Approximately 300 million yuan’s contract amount has been achieved totally in the sales of tunnel kilns, agglomeration kiln, carbon coating carbonization roller kiln, graphitization foamed kiln, automatic crucible loading system.
Hydraulic Machinery
Guangdong KEDA Hydraulic Technology Co., LTD. is a subsidiary of KEDA Industrial Group (Code 600499 for Shanghai Stock Exchange), a recognized premier provider of hydraulic parts and service in southern China. Being one of the solidest suppliers in the fluid power industry, we have spent a long time offering quality products and service. We are committed to develop high pressure axial piston pumps & motors, lay out hydraulic power units and come up with system solutions. Our team of qualified experts and skilled technicians can help you to get customized solutions for actual applications as well as reliable, affordable, competitive & innovative hydraulic products. KEDA Hydraulic has decades of combined experiences working with major industrial companies throughout China, ranging from diverse engineering areas to regenerative resources projects. With SGS ISO9001:2015, CE and CCS Certifications, KEDA Hydraulic has also solidified itself in international markets. We supply an extensive inventory of hydraulic components & systems world-widely. Our goal is to become your trusted partner for all your hydraulic needs.
Clean Energy &
Environmental Protection
KEDA Industrial Group expanded its business into the field of clean coal gasification in 2007 by setting up a subsidiary company named KEDA(Anhui)Clean Energy Company Limited. It is mainly engaged in the research and development of clean coal gasification system technology, equipment manufacturing and gas production and sales, as well as the research and development of chemical environmental protection technology and gasification ash solid waste resource utilization technology and the production and sales of related equipment. The company has adopted the certification of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, and IP management system. Aiming to become a competitive clean-energy supplier worldwide, KEDA Clean Energy will continue to focus on the diversified development of the clean energy and environmental protection.
Smart Energy
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