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Lithium-ion Battery Materials
The rapid growth of new energy vehicles and energy storage leads to an increase in demand for lithium-ion battery related materials and machinery, therefore, KEDA Industrial Group prospectively expanded its business into both of the fields for the lithium-ion.
About Lithium-ion Battery Materials
Lithium-ion Battery Materials includes high-end graphite anode, silicon carbon anode, silicon oxide anode, lithium titanate and other new anode materials. The products are used for power, energy storage and digital lithium ion battery, and the end products are used for electric vehicle, energy storage power station, digital product, electric tool and etc. 
Strategic Investment
In 2017, KEDA became a shareholder of Lanke Lithium Industry which is currently using an adsorption method adopted for the extraction of lithium from brine. This technique is well-known with its features of easy operation, low cost, high purity, strong process stability and environmental protection. Along with the completion of the expanded production establishment, the production capacity has turned into 31,000 tonnes. Around 30,300 tonnes was achieved as its sales volume. Approximately 3 billion yuan was achieved annually from this prospective investment. 
An integrated industrial chain of "calcined coke - graphitization - artificial graphite - battery cathode material" has been established in Fujian, Anhui, Chongqing and other places, with the planned annual capacity of artificial graphite exceeding 100,000 tons, to create research and manufacturing bases for high-end lithium-ion battery cathode materials. 
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