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Lithium-ion Battery Materials Machinery
On the lithium-ion battery materials machinery business, a cross fields application for the sintering equipment of the ceramic machinery is possible, which can be applied to the production and manufacturing process of the lithium-ion battery materials industry. Combined with 30-year experience on the technical development of advance machinery manufacturing and 8-year exploration of the lithium-ion battery materials industry, KEDA Group decided to make a strategic move into the lithium-ion battery materials machinery. A few subsidiaries related to Lithium-ion Battery Material Machinery were set up in recent years.
Aiming to become a comprehensive system solution provider for the preparation of lithium battery materials, KEDA Group’s subsidiaries mainly moves forward in three directions of the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) of whole production lines for cathode materials, the lithium battery material sintering production lines and the recycling and reuse of retired batteries.
Besides, those subsidiaries will centre around the sintering machinery to further improve its front-end and back-end product lines, and try to produce the automated production line. Approximately 300 million yuan’s contract amount has been achieved totally in the sales of tunnel kilns, agglomeration kiln, carbon coating carbonization roller kiln, graphitization foamed kiln, automatic crucible loading system.
Background Information
Cathode material EPC: Provide the project and equipment about the cathode material production, including crushing, granule carbonizing, graphitizing, finished product treatment. In the combustion, the volatiles generated are used to realize the full utilization of energy, which is featured with low energy consumption, high automation, no leakage etc. Core products: rotary kiln, auto loading system, pneumatic conveying system etc.
Lithium battery material firing production line: Provide continuous firing production line of LCO, LMO, LTO and NCM in atmosphere and oxygen atmosphere, continuous firing production line of LFP and anode material powder in nitrogen protective atmosphere, and production line of lithium mica and other ore roasting kiln, which has the advantages of large capacity, low energy consumption and low labor intensity. Key products: roller kiln, tunnel kiln, etc.
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