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With the steady increase in the urbanization rate in African countries, the demand for tiles from local municipal and residents is also on the rise. KEDA Industrial Group seized the market opportunities and decided to expand the business into building materials. KEDA Industrial Group cooperated strategically with Sunda Group in 2016, one of the earliest international trading enterprises in China entering into overseas markets such as Africa and South America. Later on, “2022 Top 100 Global Building Materials Industry Listed Companies” was achieved in 2022.

TwyFord is the brand for building materials. Since 2016, KEDA Industrial Group has successively built and put into operation 6 ceramic production bases in Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Senegal and Zambia in recent years. With 14 ceramic production lines in total, 7,000 foreign employees and an annual capacity of over 120 million square meters, 2.3 billion yuan was achieved in sales revenue in 2021. In the future, the company will continue to take root in Africa, accelerate the localization of various categories of pluralistic building materials in Africa and become a manufacturing industrial group of building materials with international competitiveness, based on expanding and strengthening its building ceramics business.
The Company’s original ceramics machinery business has been expanded into the building materials business from Africa to South America and Asia. The two parties jointly set up factories and sold from ceramics to sanitary ware and building glass. Currently it is aiming to develop into a large building materials group sustainably.
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