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KEDA Industrial Group started out by manufacturing ceramic machinery, which is now one of its core businesses and owns three brands: "KEDA", "HLT & DLT", and "ICF & Welko". The product lines cover various machinery equipment for raw material preparation, pressing and forming, drying and firing, deep processing, sorting and packaging, warehousing and logistics. Meanwhile, sales of accessories and consumables, and operation and maintenance services of whole lines are provided as well, delivering overall solutions for ceramic manufacturing to global customers. Differentiated products and services can be tailored to the actual production needs of global customers.
KEDA Industrial Group, the only industrial service provider in China that can provide whole line and whole plant equipment for ceramic products and comprehensive solutions, has over 20 production and research bases, more than 80 accessory warehouses and service bases, contract for over 40 after-kiln whole production lines and service sites, and more than 20 accessories and consumables supply centers worldwide. The businesses cover Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa, North America, Europe and other regions. Currently, KEDA Industrial Group has business connections in more than 60 countries or regions worldwide. Its comprehensive strength ranks first in Asia and second in the world. KEDA Industrial Group enjoys great popularity and reputation in the international ceramic industry.
In addition to providing intelligent hardware of mechanical equipment, KEDA Industrial Group has deeply integrated advanced technologies such as 5G+cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and industrial vision in the full process when providing ceramic enterprises with services of factory design, equipment selection, installation and debugging, process control, product manufacturing and logistics distribution. KEDA Industrial Group is able to build fully automated, unmanned and flexible production solutions for customers. Meanwhile it explores alternative solutions for sources with high energy consumption actively, conducts relevant research around "zero-carbon" combustion and has made significant breakthroughs in ammonia and hydrogen energy combustion, providing a disruptive new energy-saving solution for the industry of building ceramic.
Complete Plant for Ceramics
Complete Plant for Ceramics
Since it was established 30 years ago, KEDA Ceramic Machinery has successfully developed a series of innovative products in China, including the first unit (set) of edging machine, polishing machine, large-tonnage press, nano polishing machine, dry squaring machine, complete set of ceramic sheet equipment, CNC intelligent polishing line, AGV, and digital management system for ceramic factories.

KEDA Industrial Group has launched the industry's earliest digital management system for ceramic factories in China. Combined with the hardware advantages of equipment, KEDA Group helps downstream customers achieve data-driven and transparent production management.
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