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Anhui KEDA Smart Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Successfully Launches Its First Overseas 4MWp Photovoltaic Project

loading... 09 Sep 2023
Recently, materials for Anhui KEDA Smart Energy Technology Co., Ltd.'s first overseas 4MWp photovoltaic project set sail smoothly from Foshan Shunde New Port. The first overseas photovoltaic power station designed, constructed, and operated by Anhui KEDA Smart Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is about to take root in the hot land of Africa.

The relevant supporting materials for the 4MWp photovoltaic power station project  led by  KEDA Ceramics International Company Limited Sanitary Ware Factory(KEDA Kenya) amount to a total of 18 units of 40HC containers. They departed from Shunde New Port on August 23rd, and after approximately 5-6 weeks of shipping, customs clearance, and inland transportation, they are expected to arrive at the Kisumu factory in early October. In line with the concept of green development, Anhui KEDA Smart Energy Technology Co., Ltd. continues to expand its new energy projects, including photovoltaics and energy storage. This project fills the gap in the company's overseas photovoltaic projects, further optimizing the company's layout of overseas electric energy investments. It holds significant demonstration and benchmarking value, marking a new step in the realm of new energy.

The project is located in Kisumu, a city in western Kenya, with an actual installed capacity of 4 MWP. The total electricity generation for the power station project over 20 years is approximately 130 million kWh. During the operation period, it can save approximately RMB 56 million in electricity costs for the KEDA Ceramics International Company Limited Sanitary Ware Factory(KEDA Kenya). The project will reduce carbon emissions by 4182.5 tons annually, replacing standard coal by 1529.8 tons. Over 20 years, it is estimated to reduce carbon emissions by 83,650 tons, replacing standard coal by 30,596 tons. The project uses a fixed power generation system and operates in a "self-generation and self-use" mode. Construction is expected to start in mid-October, with a construction period of 12-16 weeks. It is scheduled to be completed by the end of January 2024, with acceptance and power generation testing to be completed in February.
(Xiuqing JIANG,KEDA Smart Energy)
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