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Deepening Market Presence and Linking to the Future with Services | KEDA Makes Its Debut at the Turkish International Ceramic Bathroom Kitchen Fair

loading... 10 Nov 2023
Hello, Istanbul. From November 6 to 10, UNICERA 2023 (International Ceramic Bathroom Kitchen Fair) was grandly held at the Istanbul International Convention & Exhibition Center in Turkey. After many years of deepening its presence in the Turkish market, KEDA, made its debut at the UNICERA Istanbul fair, attracting the collective attention of the Turkish ceramics industry, as well as exhibitors and visitors from both China and international markets.

Mr. Yu YANG, the General Manager of KEDA's Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Russia Sales Region, led the sales team, and Mr. Huifeng DU, the General Manager of KEDA Ceramic Technology, and other team members welcomed customers from around the world at booth A04 in Hall 3.
The UNICERA Istanbul fair is the largest ceramic, bathroom and kitchen fair in Turkey, renowned worldwide, with a total exhibition area of 100,000㎡. As a global trade platform for the ceramic, bathroom and kitchen industry, UNICERA breaks records every year in terms of the exhibition size and the number of visitors. In 2022, the exhibition attracted visitors from 130 countries and showcased products from over 1200 brands.

KEDA has been cultivating the Turkish market for 18 years. In recent years, the company has leveraged the demonstrative effect of several benchmark projects, closely aligned with the pace of the thick brick market. By offering high-value, cost-effective machinery and establishing a localized service system, KEDA has brought substantial benefits to its customers. As a result, its market share has been steadily increasing year by year. KEDA's business now covers all customers in the Turkish production area, and it is gradually becoming the preferred choice for high-end customers in Turkey.
KEDA's core products, including presses, kilns, and polishing lines, have established a strong market reputation and advantageous position in Turkey. As the natural gas costs in Turkey have been increasing, ceramic companies have shown a growing demand for energy-efficient machinery. At this year's exhibition, KEDA not only increased the promotion of new continuous ball mills, SD series energy-saving spray drying tower, and super-wide energy-saving kilns but also emphasized the display of complete production lines after kiln.

Turkey spans both Asia and Europe. In the past, KEDA achieved tremendous success in implementing a Sino-Italian production model in Turkey. Today, the KEDA KING Series smart polishing lines, along with flexible storage mode before kiln, AGV tile storage systems after kiln, and fully automated ceramic tile picking and packaging lines, collectively forming an intelligent complete production line after kiln, have attracted wide interest from Turkish customers. The successful application of these systems will help Turkish customers reduce overall costs and enhance their competitiveness.
KEDA also showcased high-quality inks, pigment & glaze, ceramic balls, rollers, and other products at the event. KEDA aims to create greater value for customers by offering more cost-effective accessories and consumable products, along with process services. Additionally, KEDA presented its innovative achievements in areas such as cellular ceramics, permeable bricks, and metal presses through videos and other means to expand its market reach.

Following KEDA's acquisition of a 40% stake in SinoCera Create-Tide, the cooperation between the two parties has begun to yield results. KEDA's inks, after being tested at customer sites in Turkey, have performed well and received customer recognition. They are now being sold, marking a significant entry into the market.
In March of this year, KEDA held a groundbreaking ceremony for its BOZUYUK factory in Turkey, which garnered widespread attention from the entire Turkish ceramics industry. The factory is currently in full construction and is expected to officially commence operations in July 2024. Leveraging this exhibition as an opportunity, KEDA aimed to introduce its Turkish factory to a wider audience and help customers better understand KEDA.

As a subsidiary of KEDA's global base, with the establishment of the BOZUYUK factory in Turkey, it plays a crucial role in KEDA's transformation into a comprehensive solution industry service provider. In the future, as the market opens up, there is potential for KEDA's inks, pigment & glaze, rollers, and mold assemblies to be manufactured at the BOZUYUK factory. This will further increase accessory and consumable sales and service + process output, bringing more cost-effective products and professional, timely services to Turkish customers and neighboring countries, fostering mutual win-win development.
KEDA's debut at the UNICERA Istanbul fair is not only a concentrated display of its strength and innovative achievements but also sends a positive signal to global ceramic customers that KEDA is transitioning to a service-oriented provider. KEDA's Turkish subsidiary will play a pivotal role in creating more value for global customers and working together with customers to create a mutually beneficial and win-win future.

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