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KEDA Ceramic Machinery Shines at the China Building Materials Machinery Exhibition 2024

loading... 11 Jun 2024
From May 31 to June 2, 2024, the much-anticipated 6th China Building Materials Machinery Exhibition concluded at the Nanjing International Expo Center. 
KEDA Ceramic Machinery, together with Anhui KEDA Industrial Co., Ltd. and KEDA Stone Machinery, showcased its intelligent cellular ceramics complete production line solution at the exhibition. Among the showcased products, the holistic AAC plant solution, intelligent cellular ceramics production line, and cement based artificial stone production line garnered significant attention, showcasing KEDA's exceptional capabilities in automation, intellectualization, and green development within the building materials machinery industry.
This exhibition, organized by the China Building Materials Machinery Industry Association, is a specialized segment of the China Concrete Exhibition 2024. The exhibition, centered around "Green, Low-carbon, Intelligent, High-quality", focused on "Technological Empowerment, Innovation Leadership", aiming to inform more professional audiences about new products, new machinery, new technologies, and new applications in the industry through its displays and activities. 
The exhibition brought together over 300 outstanding enterprises from across China, collectively exploring new modes of industry-academia-research-application cooperation within the industrial, innovation, and value chains of the environmental protection and low-carbon sectors, thereby laying a solid foundation for future in-depth collaborations.

Led by Mr. Chunyoung FU, General Manager of the KEDA Ceramic Machinery General Machinery Sales Department, warmly welcomed new and old customers from across China. They discussed cooperation, shared opportunities, and collaboratively explored the future of green, low-carbon, and sustainable development in the building materials industry.

At this year's exhibition, KEDA Ceramic Machinery prominently showcased the sixth-generation intelligent cellular ceramics complete production line and its diverse applications, attracting widespread attention.
From constructing the first experimental cellular ceramics line for KITO in 2017 to collaborating with KGE on the sixth-generation intelligent cellular ceramic complete production line, KEDA Ceramic Machinery has achieved full automation and unmanned operation in the production process, including material distribution, kiln furniture transfer, edge assembly and disassembly, kiln furniture cleaning, base paper laying, and board unloading. 
The line is equipped with KEDA's AGV intelligent scheduling system and digital factory system, enhancing production flexibility and intelligent management. Most importantly, the sixth-generation cellular ceramic production line boasts a daily capacity of up to 350m³, significantly overcoming the bottleneck of low capacity and high cost.

In the Implementation Plan for the High-Quality Development of the Green Building Materials Industry, jointly issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, the China Development and Reform Commission, and other eight departments, it is proposed to accelerate the composite and lightweight development of wall materials, insulation materials, and other building materials products. Additionally, it advocates for the functional and modular development of roofing, wall, and floor materials, decorative panels, and other decorative materials, as well as the development of new green building materials to meet the diverse needs of various application scenarios.
With the continuous promotion of green building materials at the Chinese policy level and the expanding application scenarios of cellular ceramics, coupled with ongoing research and development investments from industry stakeholders, cellular ceramics have entered a fast track of development.

Through its participation in the Nanjing exhibition, KEDA Ceramic Machinery strengthened communication and exchanges with the industry, showcasing its latest achievements in solid waste utilization and enhancing its reputation. KEDA will live up to expectations, intensifying innovation efforts, joining hands with industry partners for mutual development, and contributing to a brighter future for cellular ceramics.
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