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Multi-section Smart Swing Polishing Machine Successfully Commissioned in the U.S.

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On July 6, 2024, the Multi-section Smart Swing Polishing Machine, developed and manufactured by KEDA Stone Machinery, was successfully commissioned in the U.S. following its launch with Fujian Nanxing customers.
▲Multi-section Smart Swing Polishing Machine Successfully Commissioned in the U.S.
▲Servo control with high positional accuracy
▲Multi-section Smart Swing Polishing Machine
▲ Flexible multi-swing modes, adaptable for various panel processing
The machine is equipped with multi-section swing polishing heads. Through the human-machine interface, users can select the swing mode of the beam according to the polishing tool sequence, using sequential swinging, synchronous swinging, alternating swinging, and other multi-section swinging modes. 
This setup effectively addresses quality issues such as uneven polishing and missed polishing during the polishing process of high-end stone materials, achieving efficient coverage of polished surfaces.
Technical advantages:
  • Human-machine interface with a touchscreen operation;
  • Equipped with a high-performance motion control PLC;
  • Features multi-section beams, with beam swinging driven by an AC servo motor;
  • Can be integrated into a centralized control system for remote operation;
  • Offers various swing modes for any two or more beam sections, selectable with a single touch. The squaring heads follow the corresponding trajectory  for polishing and squaring;
  • Equipped with an emergency stop switch and a grating safety protection system for each section;
  • Effectively addresses issues of uneven polishing and missed polishing;
  • Precise digital alarm for polishing abrasives consumption, reducing polishing abrasives waste;
  • High-efficiency squaring heads, reducing the quantity of polishing heads by 30%, increasing production by 30%, and cutting power consumption by 30%;
  • Low noise, low vibration, and low dust, making it environmentally friendly.
This commissioning marks a significant achievement for KEDA Stone Machinery, showcasing the continued international recognition of its products. Currently, preparations for the expansion machinery are in full swing... Let's look forward to KEDA Stone Machinery's machinery thriving and achieving widespread global acceptance.

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