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Oversea Debut of European After-Kiln AGV Tile Storing System with Vietnam VIGLACERA

loading... 24 Apr 2023
In the Uniceramics Products Expo 2023 in Foshan, the first show of VIGLACERA, the biggest building materials enterprise in Vietnam, has become an important part of the show.

Recently, the European after-kiln disconnection AGV project developed by KEDA Intelligent Warehousing Division was successfully applied for the first time in Viglacera Eurotile (formerly White Horse Factory), a subsidiary of VIGLACERA Group. Viglacera Eurotile has world-class production line equipment and is also the earliest ceramic manufacturer in Vietnam to enter the field of large slate.

After acquiring White Horse Factory, VIGLACERA has entered the top 20 global ceramic tile companies and became the largest building materials enterprise in Vietnam. As a listed company in Vietnam, VIGLACERA is also a RCEP partner, operating 12 industrial parks in Vietnam and Cuba, covering ceramics, bathroom, glass, real estate, etc. It is a leading enterprise in the field of real estate investment and development in Vietnam.

This is the first project of KEDA intelligent warehousing's overseas application of the European standard after-kiln disconnection AGV, establishing a bridge between the after-kiln and, polishing and squaring of Viglacera Eurotile. The Viglacera Eurotile intelligent after-kiln slab line was officially put into operation in March, mainly producing 800 × 1600mm, 1600 × 3200mm and other high-end slab products with various specifications.

The system equipment customized by KEDA Intelligent Warehousing Division for this project includes an after-kiln AGV tile storage system, polishing to squaring and loading system, and a reverse-polishing storage and transportation system, including a warehouse location management and vehicle scheduling system, 5 sponge suction cup tile machines, and 5 heavy-load hydraulic ejecting laser AGVs.

The working mode of this project is: after loading from the kiln, the tile is unloaded to the pallet by sponge suction cup unloading machine. When the pallet is full, it is automatically transported by AGV to the planned storage area for caching. After a certain period of storage, it is then automatically transported by AGV to the designated loading location, and the sponge suction cup loading machine will load the tile for polishing or squaring.

The heavy-load hydraulic ejecting laser AGV is unmanned for handling, with a maximum handling weight of 4000kg. It is green, environmentally friendly, and safe. Compared to the after-kiln rail tile storage, there is no need to lay tracks, reducing the amount of early construction. It has flexible collision protection and laser collision prevention, and the AGV storage and transportation area can be changed. It is flexible in production, compatible with multiple product specifications, flexible in scheduling, and has adjustable intelligent charging strategies, higher efficiency, visual management, convenient operation and maintenance, and effectively reduce labor costs.

The heavy-load hydraulic ejecting laser AGV adopts laser guided driving path, which can be modified in real-time and can be quickly optimized and modified based on the actual situation on site. Through wireless local area network and AGV tile storage scheduling system, the long-distance transportation, storage, and loading of stacks are fully automated, promoting the intelligent upgrading of factories and achieving flexible intelligent manufacturing.

The "disconnection" tile storage mode has been widely used in many foam ceramic projects undertaken by KEDA in China. The successful application of this mode in the ceramic tile production field marks from the widely used intelligent RGV tile storage line (KEDA intelligent PC scheduling system) in China to the commonly used AGV pre-kiln storage line, direct connection mode pre-kiln storage line, and AGV after-kiln storage line in foreign countries. Whether it is a Chinese or European standard, KEDA has achieved success

KEDA Intelligent Warehousing always adheres to innovative development and is committed to providing global customers with intelligent and flexible production solutions throughout the entire process from raw materials to finished products. It customizes the most scientific and efficient intelligent warehousing system according to user needs, creating greater value for customers through continuous innovation.

(Kang AN & Duoyou Pan, KEDA Ceramic Machinery)
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