Aggressive Asamoah Kuffour! KEDA Industrial Group Speeds Up Localization of Talents

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Extraordinary comes out of the ordinary! In this international enterprise, a large number of KEDA employees from different countries and of different colors stick to their posts and keep working hard to promote the company's continuous development. Some of them have stayed in foreign lands or remote areas with absolutely no regrets for years and their courage to bear responsibilities has interpreted the aim that "enterprise's benefit is above all"; Some have entered the company after graduating from school constructed jointly by the educational institution and enterprise and gradually developed from "newbies" to skilled operators in their posts; Some have seized the development opportunities of KEDA International Base and become models for local employees in various regions... All of them are typical representatives of many KEDA workers.
“I have been continuously promoted and paid more through hard work. I have my own land and car now, and become a model for the young people in my family.” Asamoah Kuffour said proudly.
Coming from Kumasi City, Ashanti Region, Ghana, Kuffour joined KEDA (Ghana) Ceramics Factory on October 27th, 2017. He has studied and improved from his initial position as a procurement specialist, to later a business specialist and a supervisor. He is now the Assistant Business Manager of the company.

▲ Kuffour (second from right) and Wei LI, General Manager of KEDA (Ghana) Ceramics Factory

Kuffour's job responsibilities are quite diverse, ranging from land purchase and registration, application for raw material mining right registration, to the application for construction permit and operating license, as well as application for environmental protection, fire protection and investment promotion centers, standard certification, intellectual property and legal issues related to the government.
He has purchased land area of 327.22 acres in total for the company and registered 20 raw material mining right certificates with the Mining Council. Among them, 9 have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Mining Council, and the Ministry of Land and Resources, providing sufficient raw materials for the company's future development.
Furthermore, Kuffour has helped the company to be registered as a “one factory in one zone” enterprise successfully, bringing the company tax incentives. The intellectual property certification has protected the company's product design. And thanks to the certification by Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), the products of KEDA (Ghana) Ceramics Factory can be sold and exported normally...
“I have learned a lot of new knowledge and skills during the years of work, which have really broadened my horizons.” Kuffour stated that he has maintained good relationships with institutions such as the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Finance, the Commission for Tradition, the High Court, the Ghana Police Department, the Land Commission, the Intellectual Property Office and the Ghana Standards Authority. He has become good friends with many people, which is very rewarding.
Kuffour's efforts have been recognized by company leaders and colleagues. He has won multiple awards including 2019 and 2020 Excellent Employee Award, and 2021 Advanced Employee Award.

“Kuffour has several advantages: firstly, he can consider the solution and deal with things from the view of company; secondly, he has an in-depth understanding of the company's philosophy with a deep and comprehensive consideration when providing decision-making support and handling relationships; thirdly, he has strong learning ability and sense of drive to improve himself.” Wei LI, General Manager of Koda (Ghana) Ceramic Factory, said. He has highly praised Kuffour’s successful coordination with all parties, which has enabled the company to purchase the land of 80 acre required for the expansion.

When it comes to "self-improvement", Kuffour’s fellow countryman, Kofi Annan, the 7th Secretary-General of the United Nations, has ever said, "Let us remember that each dedication, no matter how small, can help make a difference." If the word 'dedication' in the sentence above is changed to 'effort', it can effectively summarize Kuffour's features.

Kuffour participated in the Chinese training organized by the company and obtained a certificate from the Confucius Institute at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana in 2018. He is currently enrolled in the Law School of Wisconsin International University College and the School of Surveying at the Ghana Institute of Surveyors. KEDA (Ghana) Ceramics Factory sponsored 80% of his tuition fees.

▲ Kuffour has found his partner in the company and started a happy family
Through the job opportunities offered by KEDA and Kuffour's own efforts, his life has been improved greatly. He has met his current wife, formed a happy small family in Tacoradi, and their children have also been born.
"I am thankful to the company and General Manager Wei LI, who always help me overcome difficulties and get constant improvement. I hope to continue to leverage my expertise and serve the company for a long time." Kuffour said.

(Sifang ZHENG, President Office)
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