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KEDA Huadong New Energy Automobile Supports Educational Tours for Children in Poverty-Stricken Villages

loading... 31 Aug 2023
KEDA Huadong New Energy Automobile, as a road transport enterprise, actively takes on social responsibility and supports public welfare activities, demonstrating its commitment to corporate social responsibility and mission. In a concerted effort to redirect attention toward the left-behind children demographic, KEDA (Anhui) Huadong New Energy Automobile Travel Service Co., Ltd (referred to as "KEDA Huadong New Energy Automobile") organized a special educational tour for over fifty children from impoverished villages in Xianzong Town, Hanshan County, Ma'anshan City. The initiative aimed to broaden the children's horizons and provide them with constructive guidance.

On that morning, over fifty children from the poverty-stricken village, accompanied by volunteers embarked on a journey aboard KEDA Huadong New Energy Automobile's buses, heading to the Ma'anshan Science and Technology Museum for a learning excursion. Inside the museum, guides provided detailed explanations of the principles behind each instrument, and the children immersed themselves in the wonders of science.
Experiencing the Wonders of Science through Learning
Subsequently, the group convened and proceeded to the Xuejiawa Scenic Area. The scenic area guides provided the children with knowledge about the environmental conservation of the Yangtze River, reminding them that the beautiful natural scenery they were witnessing was a result of considerable effort and that it is essential to protect the natural environment. Thereafter, they boarded sightseeing tour buses to explore various scenic spots along the way, including Yangshulin, Luweijiawan, and Binjiang Park, allowing the children to fully experience the charm of nature.
Exploring and Experiencing the Allure of Nature

Upon concluding their tour, the group gathered to dine at the special restaurant in the Caishi Scenic Area.

Following the meal, the children embarked on their journey back. The children from Xianzong Town, Hanshan County, have garnered a special and enriching educational tour, and with that, this event came to a successful conclusion.

 (Peixia BAO, KEDA Huadong New Energy Automobile) 

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