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KEDA (Anhui) Clean Energy and RSM Group Team Up for Third Coal Gasification Project

loading... 01 Sep 2023
Recently, KEDA (Anhui) Clean Energy Co., Ltd. and Wutai Yunhai Magnesium Industry Co., Ltd. successfully signed a contract for a coal gasification project to support magnesium metal production. The agreement entails the execution of two sets of 60,000 Nm3/h coal gasification systems and their corresponding auxiliary systems. Once the project is completed, it will provide fuel gas for the newly constructed 100,000-ton magnesium metal smelting facility of Wutai Yunhai Magnesium Industry.

The Wutai Yunhai project will use KEDA (Anhui) Clean Energy's proprietary modular cascaded heat-recovery clean coal gasification technology, which has proven to be fully compatible with magnesium smelting in its successful application in KEDA (Anhui) Clean Energy's first magnesium metal project with Chaohu Yunhai Magnesium Industry Co., Ltd. Since it was put into operation, the Chaohu Yunhai clean coal gasification facility has achieved an impressive coal utilization rate of over 98% and a gas calorific value of above 1400 kcal/Nm3, resulting in the lowest production cost for magnesium metal in the industry. The exceptional performance of the Chaohu Yunhai project has instilled confidence in its parent company to renew the partnership with KEDA (Anhui) Clean Energy. Both the Wutai Yunhai Magnesium Industry and Chaohu Yunhai Magnesium Industry are subsidiaries of RSM Group, and the previously signed Anhui Baomei project also involves investment and construction by RSM Group.

RSM Group is a global leader in the magnesium industry, with a complete magnesium supply chain from mining of magnesite, primary magnesium smelting, to production, deep processing and recycling of magnesium alloys. The company has three major primary magnesium production bases: Wutai Yunhai, Chaohu Yunhai, and Anhui Baomei. With the expansion of Wutai's production capacity by 100,000 tons and the establishment of a new primary magnesium production capacity of 300,000 tons in Qingyang, the total annual primary magnesium production capacity of RSM Group will reach 500,000 tons, making it the largest in China and further solidifying its position in the industry.

The official agreement between KEDA (Anhui) Clean Energy and Wutai Yunhai signifies that the magnesium industry leader RSM Group has opted for KEDA's cutting-edge modular cascaded heat-recovery clean coal gasification technology for all its three major primary magnesium production bases. The collaborative endeavor spanning three projects not only showcases the unwavering trust and win-win cooperation between KEDA (Anhui) Clean Energy and RSM Group, but also establishes a robust foundation for KEDA's steadfast expansion in the magnesium sector. KEDA (Anhui) Clean Energy looks forward to joining forces with more magnesium production enterprises to foster the sustainable growth of the thriving magnesium industry.

(Mei XUE, KEDA (Anhui) Clean Energy)
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