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17 Production Lines, with an Annual Output of Ceramic Tiles Surpassing 150 Million Square Meters! Another Ceramic Giant Emerges

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In the ceramic industry, KEDA Industrial Group has long been recognized as a global leader in ceramic machinery. In fact, since 2015, KEDA Industrial Group has also burgeoned into a multinational giant in ceramic tile production.
According to the recently released "2023 Interim Report", KEDA Industrial Group achieved a revenue of RMB 4.747 billion with a net profit of RMB 1.268 billion. Its three main segments, building material machinery, building materials, and lithium-ion battery materials and machinery, generated revenues of RMB 2.098 billion, RMB 1.907 billion, and RMB 0.409 billion, respectively.

Notably, the building materials segment witnessed a year-on-year growth of 25% and maintained a high profit margin exceeding 43%. KEDA Industrial Group primarily operates 6 ceramic factories in 5 African countries and has now built 16 architectural ceramics production lines and 1 sanitaryware production line. In the first half of the year, they produced over 70 million square meters of architectural ceramics.

By the End of This Year, They Are Set to Have 17 Architectural Ceramic Production Lines with An Annual Capacity Exceeding 150 Million Square Meters
In late 2015, KEDA Industrial Group partnered with SUNDA International Group to construct ceramic factories in Africa, leveraging their respective strengths in ceramic machinery and trade channels. This alliance prompted the establishment of ceramic factories in Africa. To date, the cooperative efforts have resulted in capacity deployment across East and West African nations, as well as pivotal nations in Central and Southern Africa.
As of June 2023, KEDA Industrial Group has jointly built and operated 6 production bases in 5 African countries: Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Senegal, and Zambia. They have constructed 16 architectural ceramic production lines and 1 sanitaryware production line. During the first half of the year, architectural ceramics production reached a volume of 70 million square meters, with exports to a multitude of nations, including Uganda and Rwanda in East Africa, as well as Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, and Côte d'Ivoire in West Africa. Notably, Ghana's sanitaryware project achieved a cumulative output of over 100,000 units since its launch in May.
Concurrently, KEDA Industrial Group has officially initiated a building glass production project in Tanzania in 2023. Furthermore, the fifth phase of the Ghanaian architectural ceramic production project and the Kisumu, Kenya-based sanitaryware production project, expected to yield 4,000 ceramic sanitaryware pieces daily, are projected for launch within the year.
Therefore, by the end of 2023, KEDA Industrial Group is expected to have 17 building ceramic production lines with an annual capacity exceeding 150 million square meters and 2 sanitaryware production lines with a capacity of 2.6 million pieces annually. Additionally, the company has already conducted field research on structural opportunities in South America, Asia, and other regions and has completed a study on a glass project in Peru.
In recent years, African nations have attracted significant foreign investment and international companies by strengthening economic cooperation and improving the business environment, contributing to rapid local development. Currently, Africa is in the early stages of development, with infrastructure investment and real estate consumption in the import phase. Per capita consumption of building materials such as ceramics, sanitaryware, and architectural glass is far below the global average. Abundant raw material resources, a large population dividend, and steady urbanization provide enormous potential for the development of the African building materials market.

According to the MECS-Acimac's Ceramic Tile Market Forecast Analysis - Trends 2022-2026, Africa is expected to be the fastest-growing region in the world for ceramic tile consumption, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.6%. As demand surges in Africa's building materials market, some traders have shifted their focus, and manufacturers have ventured into the African building materials sector.

In light of these trends, KEDA Industrial Group, with its mature manufacturing experience, extensive sales channels, and economies of scale, has established a strong presence in the architectural ceramic business. It is currently expanding its building materials business horizontally from architectural ceramics to sanitaryware, home glass, and other categories to achieve sustainable development in its building materials business, positioning itself as a leading industrial group in African building materials.
Annual Architectural Ceramic Capacity to Rank Among Top Ten Globally
Successfully Entering the Global Top 100 Enterprises
By the end of this year, KEDA Industrial Group will achieve an annual architectural ceramic capacity of 150 million square meters, a figure that holds significant influence in various Chinese and international rankings.

According to the "2022 Ceramics Industry Long March VI - China Ceramic Tile Production Capacity Survey", a capacity of 150 million square meters would rank fifth in China, following New Pearl Group's 254 million square meters, MarcoPolo Holdings' 215 million square meters, Dongpeng Holdings' 156 million square meters, and Xinquanye's 155 million square meters.

Moreover, data related to the foreign architectural ceramic industry published by the Ceramic World Review in collaboration with MECS shows that an annual capacity of 150 million square meters would rank fourth internationally, trailing only Mohawk Industries' 250 million square meters, LAMOSA Group's 214 million square meters, and SCG Ceramics' 187 million square meters.

It is evident that after 8 years of layout and development in Africa, KEDA Industrial Group's establishment of a 150 million square meters annual architectural ceramic capacity places it among the top ten globally, solidifying its position as a major player in the global ceramic tile sector.

In recent years, KEDA Industrial Group has vigorously expanded its global market presence, not only establishing building material businesses in regions like Africa but also achieving over 60% of overseas orders in ceramic machinery. As a globalized enterprise, the international market has gradually become the primary driver of KEDA Industrial Group's business.

Thanks to the achievements in advancing the company's "globalization" process, KEDA Industrial Group has successfully entered the ranking of China's "Top 100 Globalized Enterprises". This list aims to measure and compare the globalization levels of Chinese companies and explore the paths of globalization taken by these enterprises. Compiled by the CBN Research Institute based on the authoritative calculation and analysis results of the "China Enterprise Globalization Assessment System", the "Top 100 Chinese Globalized Enterprises 2022" list showcases KEDA Industrial Group's accomplishments in global expansion.

Under the strategic guidance of "globalization", as of the first half of 2023, KEDA Industrial Group's business has expanded to cover over 50 countries and regions. In its 2023 Interim Report, the company emphasizes its commitment to a market-oriented approach, utilizing project collaboration as a medium to actively engage in international competition and global resource allocation. This strategy aims to uncover new development opportunities and create new growth drivers.

(Reprinted from Ceramic Information report, Author: Cheng ZHANG)
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