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Hongbang Technology and KEDA Unite Once Again for New Cellular Ceramic Production Line Partnership

loading... 21 Sep 2023
Recently, the Chairman of Wulian Hongbang Resource Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. (Hongbang Technology), Feng LIU, paid a visit to KEDA Industrial Group's headquarters in Foshan. During this visit, he had three main objectives: firstly, to express gratitude to KEDA by presenting a banner and a letter of thanks; secondly, to upgrade the cutting equipment for their existing production line; and thirdly, to sign a contract with KEDA to commence the construction of a new production line.
"Our company began preparations for resuming operations and production in May 2023. Due to our limited internal technical capabilities, we sought technical support from KEDA. Engineer Hongchun LIANG was dispatched to our factory from KEDA to provide guidance. Since Engineer LIANG arrived in May, he has been living and working at the factory, maintaining a high level of enthusiasm despite challenging circumstances. From equipment commissioning and production operation to trial production and the implementation of new process formulas, Engineer LIANG has been closely monitoring and guiding the entire process day and night. With his rich experience and excellent technical skills, he played a crucial role in the successful resumption of our company's operations and production."
"Due to changes in the global economic environment and shifts in real estate demand, the partition board market has experienced constraints. However, a new product, the small-aperture cellular ceramic carving board, has gained popularity in the market. Recognizing our company's technological limitations, we once again sought technical support from your company to quickly adapt to these market changes and deliver high-quality carving boards. Engineer Hongchun LIANG from Foshan KEDA Industrial responded actively and took the lead in participating in the technical transformation and debugging of the kiln. Xin ZHANG and Wentao LIU, assistant engineers led by Senior Engineer Lusheng ZHONG from KEDA's Ceramic Research Institute, also came to our factory and promptly initiated technical research. After more than a month of dedicated effort, we successfully started the production of the small-aperture carving board. This achievement was well-received by customers, resulting in a surge in orders and creating a new market opportunity!"

In the letter, Hongbang Technology expressed sincere gratitude to the team led by Lusheng ZHONG, the Director of KEDA's Ceramic Research Institute, and Hongchun LIANG, the electromechanical engineer from Foshan KEDA Industrial. This letter conveyed the customer's deep admiration and appreciation towards the KEDA team.

Hongbang Technology is the first high-tech enterprise in China to mass-produce cellular ceramic boards using stone saw slurry, blazing the trail for innovative solid waste utilization.

In 2021, Hongbang Technology and KEDA collaborated to build the first foamed ceramic production line. KEDA provided a complete set of equipment, from raw material equipment to automatic material distribution system, kiln, AGV, and automatic cutting line.

In 2023, faced with shifting market dynamics, Hongbang Technology sought to upgrade its products. After 2 months of trial production, they remained stymied. At this critical juncture, Hongbang Technology turned to KEDA for support. In response, KEDA provided immediate assistance, dispatching a team of experts to Hongbang Technology's factory. Within 1 month, the KEDA team successfully helped Hongbang Technology produce cellular ceramic carving boards with a small aperture, 400 density, and a thickness of 10cm/12cm.
The product upgrade was not only successful but also unlocked new market horizons. The new product has higher added value and can be sold at better prices. Distributors were impressed by the excellent quality of the products and placed orders one after another. Currently, Hongbang Technology's factory is operating at full capacity, with thriving production and sales and almost zero inventory.

From the initial cellular ceramic trial line to the sixth-generation cellular ceramic whole plant project, KEDA has continuously updated and enhanced its technology, leading the progress of the cellular ceramic industry. KEDA now offers mature, reliable, fully automated and intelligent, complete production line equipment to its customers. Additionally, KEDA's Ceramic Research Institute provides comprehensive technical support to customers, alleviating their concerns and ensuring stable production.
As the cellular ceramic carving board (also known as cellular ceramic decorative component) market develops, the cellular ceramic industry is poised to flourish. In this process, KEDA will join hands with more partners to contribute to the sustainable development of the industry.
(Kang AN, KEDA Ceramic Machinery)
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