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Anhui KEDA Clean Energy Overseas Coal Gasification Gas Project: Over 2 Years of Successful Operation and Customer Praise for Mature Technology

loading... 20 Sep 2023
The Nanshan Indonesia project is a key international investment project of Nanshan Aluminum located in the southeast of Bintan Island, Indonesia. The coal gasification section of the project was undertaken by Anhui KEDA Clean Energy and has currently been put into operation for phases one and two. Phase one, featuring a 3*40kNm³/h clean coal gasification unit, was commissioned in May 2021. Phase two, equipped with a 2*40kNm³/h clean coal gasification unit, was commissioned in September 2022. This unit employs brown coal as the raw material, yielding coal gas with a calorific value exceeding 1300kcal/Nm³, surpassing design specifications in all other aspects, perfectly meeting the requirements for aluminum oxide production. As of now, Phase one has been running stably for over 2 years.
Scenes of Phases One and Two of the Nanshan Indonesia Project
Leveraging its extensive expertise in international projects and more than 100 well-established O&M models, the Nanshan Indonesia project has garnered significant acclaim from clients, both during the initial phases of construction and in the subsequent stages of operational maintenance. Especially during the period of pandemic prevention and control, the Anhui KEDA Clean Energy team, undaunted by adversity, united in purpose, diligently advanced project construction, ensuring both quality and quantity in delivery, thereby earning the strong recognition of the project owners. The success of this project stands as a significant benchmark for Anhui KEDA Clean Energy in its international construction endeavors, laying a solid foundation for the expansion of its international operations.

Thank You Letters from the Client

In addition to the operational phases one and two of the Nanshan project, our company's other international project on Kalimantan Island in Indonesia, the China Aluminum International Engineering Co., Ltd. (CHALIECO) Coal Gasification Gas Project, has successfully completed its initial shipment and is currently undergoing on-site installation.

Construction Progress of CHALIECO's Project in Indonesia 

As international coal gasification gas projects continue to materialize, Anhui KEDA Clean Energy remains steadfast in upholding service standards that prioritize quality and adhere to engineering norms. KEDA Clean Energy is committed to crafting superior, high-quality boutique projects for clients, aiding Chinese enterprises in achieving high-quality development overseas.
 (Mei XUE, KEDA Clean Energy)
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