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KEDA SUREMAKER and Sichuan Binshui Shangjin Green Building Materials Jointly Build an AAC Benchmark Plant Again

loading... 19 Sep 2023

Recently, KEDA SUREMAKER has reached a cooperation with Binshui Shangjin. These two parties will jointly build an AAC block/panel production line with an annual production capacity of 600,000 cubic meters. Combined with the first production line ready before, the total annual production capacity will be raised up to 900,000 cubic meters after this new project is completed. The production mold rate and the flexibility of product structure adjustment will be highly improved.

In 2018, Binshui Shangjin and KEDA SUREMAKER successfully built their first AAC panel/block production line with an annual production capacity of 300,000 cubic meters. In the first cooperation, the professional technical strength and whole-line service concept demonstrated by KEDA SUREMAKER left a deep impression on Binshui Shangjin. Since the former cooperation in 2018 was highly recognized by both parties, this new project is set up to deeper their cooperation and relationship.

In the face of market fluctuations, Binshui Shangjin has always adhered to its high-quality-led market development strategy and trying to win customers’trust and support by providing high-quality products. Binshui Shangjin firmly believes that only by continuously improving the quality of its products can it improve its market competitiveness. In the future, the AAC industry will pay more attention to achieving high quality products which meet the market needs through continuous technological innovation and improvement.

KEDA SUREMAKER will insist on leading the industry with technological innovation, and return customers' trust and support by building greener, smarter and more efficient AAC plants for customers. Achieving win-win cooperation with customers will be the goal to help the industry improve and upgrade.

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