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Quality Upgrade — KEDA Multi-section Swing Polishing Machine

loading... 02 Dec 2023
As the manufacturing industry enters the era of Industry 4.0, how to develop better quality, more efficient, and intelligent polishing equipment has been a constant consideration for KEDA Ceramic Polishing Division.
In response to the demands of the times and the needs of customers, KEDA has innovatively developed the Multi-unit Smart Swing High-efficiency Polishing Machine(M.S.S+ Polishing Machine), which effectively addresses common industry challenges such as over-polishing, miss polishing, yellow edges, and uneven glossiness etc.
01 Multi-section Swing vs Traditional Swing

With the synchronous swing of multiple polishing heads and cross beams, traditional polishing machines can result in miss polishing areas accounting for over 30%. To reduce miss polishing, the number of polishing heads must be increased. Currently, traditional polishing machines are configured with a maximum of 80 polishing heads, which not only increases power consumption and material wear, but also leads to defects such as miss polishing, over-polishing, and yellow edges on the polished surface of ceramic tiles.

To solve these problems with traditional polishing machines, KEDA has developed the Multi-unit Smart Swing High-efficiency Polishing Machine, which enhances the uniformity of surface polishing for building ceramics and stone materials, resulting in a 60% increase in gloss uniformity and a 50% reduction in miss polishing areas. This innovative machine also eliminates shadow and yellow edges, significantly improving surface quality.

02 Application Case of Multi-section Swing

Comparison of glossiness between traditional swing and multi-stage swing in the production of similar products:

It can be observed that the multi-stage swing has a significant improvement in glossiness compared to the traditional polishing machines. By increasing the swing frequency and speed, the Multi-section Swing also benefits from improved glossiness.

After extensive testing and application by customers in their factories, it has been proven that KEDA's Multi-section swing machine significantly enhances polishing quality. The Multi-section swing has become the optimal choice for customers pursuing perfect product quality. A wave of quality innovation is rapidly spreading.
Innovation is Endless

In order to provide better equipment to produce better products and continually meet consumers' expectations for a better living environment, KEDA's Multi-section Swing Polishing Machine is constantly evolving. With a swing pattern that approaches the ideal trajectory, it achieves excellent polishing results with fewer polishing heads.
Let's explore the future together with KEDA!

(Kang AN, KEDA Ceramic Machinery)
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