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2023 Annual KEDA Globalization Pioneer (1) | Market Explorer | Mr. Amit Rajawat | Winning Local Customers' Recognition with Professionalism and Sincerity

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With the strategy of “Globalization”, KEDA Industrial Group has achieved more international revenue than the one in its Chinese market in 2022. Besides, a broader market space and infinite business opportunities were explored along with this global adventure.
"KEDA Globalization Pioneer"
Behind the scene, these series of achievements rely on multiple KEDA’s dream chasers especially the one who are forging ahead on the international stage. With unwavering faith and determination, they break new ground, ride the waves, and explore new territories abroad, aiming at delivering KEDA Industrial Group's high-quality and cost-effective products to customers worldwide. These outstanding representatives, who Chairman Mr. Cheng BIAN affectionately refers to as the "most lovely employees", have been named and honored as "KEDA Globalization Pioneers".

Global and Local Sales Teams
Establishing local sales teams is not only beneficial for expanding and deepening the presence in varied local markets but also a crucial initiative for the implementation of the company's "globalization" strategy. Currently, KEDA Industrial Group has formed local sales teams for various businesses in multiple countries, and this progress has been accelerated, particularly during the three years of the pandemic.

2023 Annual KEDA Globalization Pioneer: Amit Rajawat, DLT Technology

Amit Rajawat is a sales manager in the Indian sales region for HLT&DLT. He joined the company as a regional sales manager at the inception of DLT Technology in May 2016, making significant contributions to the early establishment and development of DLT in the Indian market.
With his years of experience as an electrical technician and the strong personal relationships he built with ceramic factory owners and mid-to-senior-level management during kiln installation and debugging, Amit progressed rapidly in the development of ceramic machine sales and quickly became a key player in DLT's market expansion efforts in India. Amit played a significant role in the sale of over 180 kilns in the Indian market since the establishment of DLT Technology.
The three years of the pandemic saw a burst of personal business growth for Amit. As Chinese sales and technical staff were unable to travel to India, a large amount of communication work could only be done through video conferences and messages, making it challenging to cover various aspects of business and technology. Undeterred, Amit worked tirelessly, going to customer factories day in and day out. Even during the peak of the "Delta variant" outbreak in India, when everyone was in self-preservation mode, he wore a mask to visit potential customers, making efforts to secure every possible business opportunity.
Amit Rajawat with a Customer at the Production Site
Once, after completing a project discussion with a customer, it was already midnight when Amit walked past the polishing line in the workshop. Due to insufficient lighting, he accidentally fell into a drainage ditch, resulting in a fracture of his lower leg. The doctor advised him to rest at home for at least a month, but within less than a week, driven by the desire to negotiate face-to-face with a customer who had never purchased an HLT&DLT kiln, Amit, supported by crutches, had his driver take him to visit the customer.The customer was deeply moved by Amit's dedication. The negotiations progressed smoothly, and in the end, he successfully secured the order. Not only that, the customer later introduced his friend who also purchased kilns and drying machines from DLT Technology.
At a birthday party organized by his Indian colleagues, Amit candidly shared the reason for choosing to join DLT Technology. He said, "DLT Technology is like a big family where everyone, from top leadership to the grassroots, cares for each other and helps one another. Despite occasional variations in income, the team atmosphere is harmonious, and there is no rift between Chinese and Indian employees. Communication within the department is smooth. He feels privileged to work in such a collective."
(President Office, KEDA Industrial Group)
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