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2023 Annual KEDA Globalization Pioneer (2) | Market Explorer | Ms. Rongjun LIAO | Seizing Opportunities Precisely, Opening a New Situation in the Middle East and North Africa Market

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With the strategy of “Globalization”, KEDA Industrial Group has achieved more international revenue than the one in its Chinese market in 2022. Besides, a broader market space and infinite business opportunities were explored along with this global adventure.
"KEDA Globalization Pioneer"
Behind the scene, these series of achievements rely on multiple KEDA’s dream chasers especially the one who are forging ahead on the international stage. With unwavering faith and determination, they break new ground, ride the waves, and explore new territories abroad, aiming at delivering KEDA Industrial Group's high-quality and cost-effective products to customers worldwide. These outstanding representatives, who Chairman Mr. Cheng BIAN affectionately refers to as the "most lovely employees", have been named and honored as "KEDA Globalization Pioneer".

Global and Local Sales Teams
Establishing local sales teams is not only beneficial for expanding and deepening the presence in varied local markets but also a crucial initiative for the implementation of the company's "globalization" strategy. Currently, KEDA Industrial Group has formed local sales teams for various businesses in multiple countries, and this progress has been accelerated, particularly during the three years of the pandemic.

2023 Annual KEDA Globalization Pioneer: Ms. Rongjun LIAO, KEDA Ceramic Machinery

Despite the global downturn and international decline in the ceramic industry market in 2023, KEDA Ceramic Machinery's international revenue in the ceramic machinery sector remained on par with the previous year's performance. This achievement is inseparable from the proactive efforts of overseas marketing personnel who actively go overseas to seize orders and explore customer needs. Having been with KEDA Ceramic Machinery for 15 years, Ms. Rongjun LIAO, the General Manager of the Middle East and North Africa Sales Region at KEDA Ceramic Machinery Overseas Marketing Center, has grown into an outstanding head of the sales region through professional accumulation and years of market experience.
Since joining the KEDA Ceramic Machinery Overseas Marketing Center in 2008, Rongjun LIAO has participated in and successfully promoted several major projects. In 2021, due to market needs, Rongjun LIAO was transferred to the Middle East and North Africa Sales Region. In the unfavorable global situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, she forged ahead, traveling to the Middle East and achieving breakthroughs in the Middle East and North African markets for continuous ball mills, as well as the sale of the first KD13018 press. Furthermore, she increased the promotion of KEDA's complete line supporting projects in the Middle East, once again achieving the signing of a complete factory project from raw materials to packaging. In 2022, the sales region achieved a 125% increase in orders through the collective efforts of her team.
Ms. Rongjun LIAO at the TECNARGILLA in Italy and at the Middle East Exhibition
In 2023, Middle Eastern countries were deeply affected by international political and economic wars, facing high inflation, forex shortages, and a low kiln firing rate in the ceramic industry. This significantly hindered the launch speed of new projects. In the context of a substantial reduction in complete machines, the sales region established a local parts warehouse and a local technical service team, allowing the Middle East subsidiary to be officially put into use. The focus was on promoting parts and consumables, achieving double growth in parts and consumable orders and shipments.
Meanwhile, Rongjun LIAO vigorously explored the North African market. In the context of the significant trend of upgrading ceramic tile products, through exhibitions and on-site visits, she transformed from passively relying on recommendations from trading partners to taking proactive initiatives. This shift gradually influenced North African customers who traditionally accepted European machinery to recognize, understand, and engage with Chinese machinery. Seizing the opportunity of market upgrading, she successfully introduced KEDA's complete line machinery, the new generation CNC polishing line, and after-kiln machinery to leading enterprises in North Africa for the first time, laying a solid foundation for subsequent business expansion. In 2023, the North African market achieved a substantial increase in signed contracts.
As the head of the sales region, she pays special attention to training and encouraging her team members, enhancing their ability to operate independently and handle projects. She is adept at summarizing and reviewing, unleashing the maximum energy of the team, and diligently fulfilling various targets and tasks of the company.
She takes pride in being a KEDA overseas marketing member, saying, "Thanks to the broad platform that KEDA provides us for learning, improvement, and broadening our horizons. In the future, we need to continue learning, perfect ourselves, fearlessly forge ahead, deeply cultivate the market, and strive to recommend more of KEDA's high-precision and intelligent machinery. Simultaneously, we aim to expand local warehouses and the local technical sales team, ensuring that KEDA's strategy of 'Globalization, Servitization, Digitalization and Youngization' takes root and thrives in more overseas locations, contributing to its growth and development!" Rongjun LIAO remarked.

(President Office, KEDA Industrial Group)

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