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2023 Annual KEDA Globalization Pioneer (4) | Excellent After-sale Service| Mr. Shaokui YU | Winning Customer Trust with Sincerity

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KEDA Globalization Pioneer
Several distinguished representatives were selected and honored as the annual "KEDA Globalization Pioneer" who Chairman Mr. Cheng BIAN affectionately refers to as the "most lovely employees".

KEDA SUREMAKER’s Dedicated Service
With a customer-oriented approach, KEDA SUREMAKER's service personnel go wherever there is a need. Through dedicated service, KEDA SUREMAKER establishes a reputation of "high-quality products + good word of mouth", resonating strongly among its customers.

2023 Annual KEDA Globalization Pioneer: Mr. Shaokui YU, KEDA SUREMAKER
Mr. Shaokui YU, the Central Asia Regional Project Manager of the International Business Department at Anhui KEDA Industrial Co., Ltd. , has paved the way for the promotion of wall machinery products in Central Asia and South Asia through the delivery of high-quality services.
In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Mr. Shaokui YU actively followed the company's directives and embarked on a solo mission to the Central Asian project site. There, he successfully managed the civil construction, machinery installation, and debugging of the Turkey project, ultimately reaching the milestone of final mass production. 
Throughout the project construction, he surmounted the challenges posed by the pandemic and language barriers. He engaged in proactive communication with customer management and installation personnel regarding precautions, process control points, quality control requirements, and other aspects related to the production line construction. This ensured that the customer's staff were well-informed, facilitating the organization and execution of related tasks. 
During the machinery installation and debugging phase, he personally provided guidance to the customer's installation personnel, ensuring the fine-tuning of the machinery in accordance with the quality control requirements of the production line for optimal performance. The project was successfully put into operation and accepted by the close of 2020, earning commendation from the customer. 

Mr. Yu Shao Kui at the Installation Site
Subsequently, this production line, serving as an exemplary model for Central Asian customers, emerged as the primary destination for international customers' visits amid the pandemic, setting a positive precedent for subsequent marketing endeavors and contract signings. During this period, he played a crucial role in assisting the marketing department in securing multiple international orders.
In 2021, amid the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Shaokui YU fearlessly embarked on a project construction assignment in Bangladesh. During this period, Bangladesh was grappling with a dual outbreak of COVID-19 and dengue fever, presenting significant difficulties for the ongoing project construction. The pandemic led to a massive loss of installation personnel for the customer, resulting in a halt in related work. In the absence of relevant technical staff, Mr. Shaokui YU took matters into his own hands. He actively communicated with the customer and played a crucial role in organizing personnel for the installation and debugging of the production line. Ultimately, the project achieved a one-time successful material input., earning full recognition from the customer and swiftly facilitating the signing of a contract for a new production line. Through the successful production of this project, Anhui KEDA Industrial Co., Ltd. achieved a breakthrough in the Bangladesh AAC product market. Furthermore, it established a successful foothold for wall machinery products in the South Asian market.
(President Office, KEDA Industrial Group)
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