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2023 Annual KEDA Globalization Pioneer (5) | Excellent After-sale Service| Mr. Hongfei WANG | Providing Customers with a Professional and Customized Service

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KEDA Globalization Pioneer
Several distinguished representatives were selected and honored as the annual "KEDA Globalization Pioneer" who Chairman Mr. Cheng BIAN affectionately refers to as the "most lovely employees".

2023 Annual KEDA Globalization Pioneer: Mr. Hongfei WANG, KEDA Clean Energy

In July 2021, Mr. Hongfei WANG, a project scheduling engineer from the Engineering Services Department of Anhui KEDA Clean Energy, was appointed as the project manager for the China Aluminum International Engineering Co., Ltd. (CHALIECO) Indonesia Alumina oxide Gas Station Project, as the contract officially took effect.

Despite lacking prior experience in international assignments, he courageously ventured alone to a foreign land, determined to turn this project into a high-quality international engineering endeavor. Confronted with stringent quality requirements from the Indonesian project owner, he actively coordinated with relevant departments and communicated with China Aluminum International Engineering supervisors, Indonesian project supervisors, and representatives. This effort addressed discrepancies in the understanding of product quality inspection and test results. Through his dedication, the project's first batch of custom-made non-standard machinery successfully passed inspections in February 2023, progressing to the shipment phase.

With the arrival of goods in Indonesia's port in April 2023, Mr. Hongfei WANG, following the company's instructions, temporarily parted from his family and once again traveled alone to the site of the CHALIECO project in Indonesia. His responsibility included overseeing the on-site receiving and installation guidance. The project is located in Pontianak, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia—a tropical city crossed by the equator, where scorching sunshine prevails throughout the year, with temperatures staying above 33°C. The first batch of machinery components numbered in the tens of thousands. Despite the intense heat, Mr. WANG tirelessly shuttled between various cargo yards and construction sites, participating in the unpacking inspection of all critical machinery and materials to ensure no damage during transport.
Mr. Hongfei WANG, Focused on Examining Installation Drawings, at the Scorching Site of Indonesian Customers
Throughout the project implementation, Mr. Hongfei WANG not only tackled technical challenges but also navigated the intricacies of communication and coordination with on-site construction units, supervisory entities, and the owner. Facing a construction unit with limited experience in the production and installation of gas station machinery and a constrained understanding of machinery drawings, Mr. Hongfei WANG took a hands-on approach to ensure construction quality. To guarantee the construction team's familiarity with materials and drawings, he guided them on-site daily, armed with the supply list and drawings, personally instructing them. His dedication played a pivotal role in facilitating the construction unit's understanding and mastery of the project processes.
The Aluminum Oxide Project of China Aluminum International Engineering in Indonesia holds strategic importance, drawing keen interest from Indonesian President Joko Widodo. Hongfei WANG demonstrated a high level of dedication and outstanding work capabilities at the project site, earning recognition from the Aluminum Oxide Project Department of CHALIECO.
 (President Office, KEDA Industrial Group)
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