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KEDA Industrial Group: Net Profit Attributable to Shareholders of the Listed Company Reaches RMB 2.092 Billion in 2023

loading... 29 Mar 2024
According to news from China Securities Journal (Reporter: Ms. Weihong WU) on the evening of March 25th, KEDA Industrial Group disclosed its annual report for 2023
In 2023, KEDA Industrial Group steadily advanced its globalization strategy, achieving a total operating revenue of RMB 9.696 billion, with a net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company and a net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company excl. non-recurring profit or loss of RMB 2.092 billion and RMB 1.879 billion respectively. The company plans to distribute a dividend of RMB 3.3 per 10 shares (including tax), with a total dividend of approximately RMB 623 million
Advancing Global Layout in Ceramic Machinery Business
Benefiting from the expansion of international orders and the implementation of lean improvement work, in 2023, the building materials machinery segment of KEDA Industrial Group achieved an operating revenue of RMB 4.477 billion, with a gross profit margin increasing by 2.38 percentage points to 28.39%
To deepen the global layout of part and consumable services, in July 2023, KEDA Industrial Group strategically invested in and jointly established Quanitech Material Ltd. with leading Chinese ceramic pigment & glaze manufacturer, SinoCera Create-Tide. This initiative aimed to expand the international market for part and consumable services. 
In September 2023, the company acquired 70% equity of Italian mould company F.D.S. Ettmar S.r.l., further strengthening the resource integration capability of its European base and accelerating the transformation into a global building ceramic production and service provider
In terms of the generalization of ceramic machinery, the company successively launched multiple innovative products such as aluminum profile extrusion machines. Among them, the aluminum profile extrusion machine received nearly RMB 400 million in orders
Kiln products such as sanitary ware tunnel kilns have also signed contracts with well-known international enterprises, further solidifying the foundation of KEDA Industrial Group's diversified innovation and development of machinery
Continuously Enhancing International Building Materials Capacity
In the field of building materials, relying on years of cultivation, KEDA Industrial Group has gradually increased its production capacity in the African market. Currently, it operates 6 factories in five African countries, with 17 building ceramic production lines and 2 sanitary ware production lines. In 2023, the total production of building ceramic products reached approximately 150 million square meters, and revenue increased to RMB 3.655 billion
In 2023, KEDA Industrial Group continued to promote capacity layout and regional expansion. In addition to initiating building glass projects in Tanzania, building ceramics production project in Cameroon and Cote d'Ivoire, it also entered Latin America for the first time, launching a building glass project in Peru, South America, and preparing for an building ceramic project in Honduras, Central America
Steady Development of Negative Lithium-ion Battery Materials Business
In 2023, the lithium-ion battery materials sector of KEDA Industrial Group maintained steady development overall. The Phase II partial graphitization production line construction in Fujian has been completed and has entered the trial production stage. 
Moreover, continuous process optimization is underway, alongside efforts to reduce costs and improve efficiency in coordination with thermal machinery related to lithium-ion battery materials
In addition, the capacity of the shareholding company Lanke Lithium Industry,  has significantly increased, now possessing a total capacity of 40,000 tons per year of lithium carbonate
In 2023, Lanke Lithium Industry achieved significant year-on-year growth in production and sales, with a lithium carbonate output of approximately 36,100 tons and a sales volume of approximately 38,200 tons, contributing RMB 1.294 billion to the Company's net profit attributable to the listed company.
(Shared from Ms. Weihong WU, China Securities Journal)
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