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HLT&DLT Undertakes the Successful Ignition of the Niujiaojian Tiles Base (Zhongchuang Ceramics) Digital Intelligence Complete Production Line

loading... 30 Mar 2024
On March 25th, the high-end digital complete production line constructed by HLT&DLT for the Niujiaojian Tiles Base (Zhongchuang Ceramics) was successfully ignited.
This production line, tailored for Niujiaojian Tiles, is a dedicated kiln line focusing on green, low-carbon, highly efficient, and intelligent principles, featuring numerous patented technologies. 
By fully leveraging the maximum benefits of the new production system and capitalizing on the advantages of large-scale production, it not only achieves a highly automated, intelligent, and digitally managed production mode but also exhibits advantages such as low energy consumption, high efficiency, large output, and strong stability upon operation. 
The production specifications entail high-end ceramic products measuring 1200*1200mm, with a designed daily output of 50,000㎡, providing robust support for the business expansion and market competitiveness of Niujiaojian Tiles.

Niujiaojian Tiles is a modern ceramic enterprise specializing in the production and sale of ceramic wall and floor tiles, possessing considerable strength. They have been committed to providing high-quality ceramic products and operate over 200 self-owned chain stores in the East China region. 
Adhering to the principle of "providing tiles that ordinary people can afford", they strive to meet the diversified needs of the market. Their product range covers mainstream tile specifications such as 400*800mm, 800*800mm, 1000*1000mm, 1200*1200mm, and 600*1200mm. Particularly, the production of 1200*1200mm tiles is expected to establish them as the manufacturer with the largest production capacity in the Chinese ceramic industry.
In early 2023, Niujiaojian Tiles made a significant investment of RMB 1.5 billion to construct a new base in Enping, Guangdong. The initial phase of the project aimed to establish 4 state-of-the-art production lines, with a maximum daily output of up to 200,000m². The current high-end Line 2, facilitated by the introduction of HLT&DLT machinery, will propel the automation, intelligence, and digital management of the production process to new heights.
All the core machinery in this specialized line project has been sourced from HLT&DLT, including 3 sets of HLT Technology 2*105m³ combination-type digital energy-saving continuous ball milling and pulping systems, 1 set of 2500-ton-per-day PST45000 Large-tonnage energy-saving and environmentally friendly spray tower, 18 units of HLT Industry YP8390 intelligent automatic hydraulic presses, DLT high-yield firing kiln, and DHD-EM6 high-efficiency self-circulating dryer combination, along with 3 sets of 3HP novel self-cleaning heat exchangers.
PST45000 Large-tonnage Spray Tower
The PST45000 energy-saving and environmentally friendly spray tower, newly introduced by HLT Technology, embodies a blend of energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, intelligence, and high production capacity and space-saving attributes, with a daily output production capacity of up to 2,500 tons.
Machinery Advantages:
1. Evaporation energy consumption is no more than 750 kcal/kg of water, while traditional spray towers with energy consumption is not lower than 800 kcal/kg of water.
2. This spray tower maximizes the automation of the pulverizing process, and reduces the need for manual intervention and easing the workload on operators due to its advanced self-control systems including automatic slurry supply, automatic regulation, automatic tapping, and computerized control
3. A production capacity equivalent to more than 3 sets of traditional machinery can be achieved. More than 10 workers in operation and over half of the workshop space can be saved. 40% tail powder emissions can be reduced and minimized the environmental pressure.
YP8390 Intelligent Automatic Hydraulic Press
The YP8390 hydraulic press has undergone continuous upgrades in its system structure to achieve optimal pressing performance, marking a new achievement in HLT's focus on technological innovation. 
It offers a variety of pressing specifications to meet customers' actual production needs, covering dimensions such as 600*1200mm, 750*1500mm, 800*800mm, 900*900mm, 900*1800mm, 1000*1000mm, and 1200*1200mm. It can effectively press wall and floor tiles, large-format thin slabs (tiles), glazed tiles, and (full-body) marble with a thickness ranging from 3 to 30mm. 
Its advantages include high speed and precision, providing robust support for production and offering customers a greener, more intelligent operational experience.
"Energy Efficiency Benchmark Smart Era" Firing Kiln
To better align with its brand image and green development philosophy, this firing kiln utilizes the DDI4.0-A advanced digital intelligent control system developed by DLT, as well as patented technologies such as the DHR efficient relay recovery cooling waste heat system and the PPC precise combustion assistance control system. 
These systems enable precise proportional combustion, with smoke directly utilized in the six-layer drying process, achieving a 60% heat recovery from smoke and an overall energy saving of 25%. This achieves the goal of even lower carbon emissions and more energy-efficient operations.
The EM series high-efficiency and energy-saving self-circulating six-layer dryer adopts a low-temperature rapid convection drying system, offering advantages such as minimal temperature difference, excellent stability, reduced mechanical cracking, strong regularity of tile blanks, high drying efficiency, and high automation level. 
Additionally, the strength of the dried products is 10-15% higher compared to conventional dryers, making it the preferred weapon for numerous building ceramic manufacturers.
New 3HP Self-cleaning Gas-gas Heater
The new 3HP automatic cleaning gas-gas heater has overcome the technology bottlenecks, such as clogging from dirt, easy corrosion and low heat exchange efficiency, of ordinary gas-gas heaters. 
It can generate high-temperature clean hot air to heat the combustion-supporting air and dry the heat sources for an efficient reduction of energy consumption, and automatically clean the flue gas and dust of the heat exchanger online in real-time to maintain efficient operation.
Looking ahead, with the deepening of Industry 4.0 and the widespread application of intelligent production, HLT&DLT's high-end intelligent complete production line machinery will effectively empower Niujiaojian Tiles to seize more development opportunities and competitive advantages. 
By joining hands and collectively promoting the high-quality development of the ceramic industry, both parties aim to deliver more premium and environmentally friendly ceramic products to consumers.
New 3HP Self-cleaning Gas-gas Heater
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