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Participating in Hannover Messe in Germany and INTERMAT in France, KEDA Hydraulic Steps Towards the World

loading... 10 May 2024
In April 2024, as the global industrial spotlight focused on the Hannover Messe in Germany (April 22-26) and the INTERMAT in France (April 24-27), KEDA Hydraulic, representing Chinese hydraulic top brands, proudly participated in both exhibitions from April 22nd to 27th. 

This wasn't just an opportunity for brand showcasing but also a significant step towards the international market with KEDA Hydraulic demonstrating its commitment to international standards, technology, and perspectives. 

KEDA Hydraulic is dedicated to providing advanced hydraulic components, systems, solutions, and services worldwide, leaving a profound impression on global partners and exhibition attendees alike.

The Hannover Messe, founded in August 1947, has evolved over more than half a century into the largest international industrial event today. It is considered a vital international activity that connects the global technological and commercial domains.
This year marks the 76th edition of the Hannover Messe, with the theme "Injecting Vitality into Industrial Sustainable Development". The focus of this exhibition includes Industry 4.0, new energy, artificial intelligence, electrical engineering, 5G, and other fields. Approximately 4,000 companies from 60 countries/regions participated in this edition of the exhibition.

KEDA Hydraulic makes its debut at Hannover Messe, showcasing leading technologies from the Chinese hydraulic industry. Not only did it present the company's flagship products to European and global audiences, but it also provided hydraulic system solutions and services to the global market. 
The highlights of this German exhibition were the innovative products: the K4VLO boost high-speed pump, the K4VSH energy recovery four-quadrant pump, internal gear pumps, precision components for plunger pumps and control valves, brake valves, and more.

During the exhibition, delegations from the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Guangdong Committee and Secretary General ZHAO of the China Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Association(CHPSA) visited the KEDA Hydraulic booth for inspections and discussions.

INTERMAT is one of the three major international construction machinery exhibitions alongside BAUMA in Munich, Germany, and CONEXPO in Las Vegas, USA. INTERMAT is a top platform for technological innovation and industry exchange in the global construction machinery industry. 
INTERMAT 2024's key theme is low carbon, which will be explored around four keywords: innovation, energy, new models, and corporate social responsibility commitments.

KEDA Hydraulic made its debut at INTERMAT, engaging in in-depth communication and exchange with leading players in the European construction machinery sector. This exhibition provided a global platform for showcasing KEDA Hydraulic's cutting-edge hydraulic technology and integrated system services. 
The spotlight was on representative products such as piston pump motors (K4VG, K11V(L)O, K6VM, etc.) and precision parts, piston pump motor control valves, brake valves, hydraulic power units, and more.

Thanks to its benchmarking of international cutting-edge technology products, comprehensive product range, and excellent performance, KEDA Hydraulic continues to provide advanced hydraulic components, hydraulic systems, hydraulic solutions, and services to the global market. 

Its presence has attracted consultations and in-depth exchanges from numerous countries worldwide, resulting in a continuous flow of visitors to the exhibition. The outstanding performance of KEDA Hydraulic at the dual exhibitions in Germany and France not only showcased the leading technology of the Chinese hydraulic industry but also laid a solid foundation for the company to expand into the international market and establish its brand influence.
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