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Shining in Indonesia, KEDA Makes a Strong Appearance at KERAMIKA

loading... 20 May 2024
On May 12th, the four-day Indonesia Jakarta Building Materials Exhibition (MEGABUILD) and Jakarta Ceramic Industry Exhibition (KERAMIKA) concluded at the Jakarta Convention Center.

KERAMIKA is the largest and most influential ceramic industry event in the ASEAN region. It is also one of the few specialized ceramic exhibitions in Asia with ceramics as its main focus. The exhibition gathers manufacturers, distributors, and professional visitors from the ceramic industry chain, both locally in Indonesia and from around the world.

KEDA made a powerful presence at KERAMIKA with a strong lineup. Mr. Xuexian YANG, General Manager of KEDA Industrial Group, personally attended the exhibition, while Mr. Xuhui TAN, Deputy Director of International Marketing at KEDA Ceramic Machinery, led the team at booth A22 in Hall A to welcome global customers. They engaged in friendly discussions with the Indonesian ceramic community and professional visitors from around the world, aiming for mutual development.
Showcasing Complete Plant Engineering & Production
Highlighting KEDA's Diverse Products and Services

At this year's exhibition, KEDA focused on showcasing its latest upgraded products and technologies, including continuous ball mills, the newly upgraded 18-series presses, next-generation double-layer kilns, hydrogen-powered wide-body kilns, Post-kiln intelligent complete production lines, and the ZhenTao MOM ceramic digital factory. These offerings provide global customers with more competitive solutions for intelligent complete plant engineering & production.

The exhibition also featured KEDA's original spare parts, high-quality consumables, as well as KEDA's inks, pigment & glaze, ceramic balls, roller rods, and other products. By offering high-value parts & consumables with excellent cost performance, KEDA demonstrated its transformation into a comprehensive ceramic production service provider, delivering greater value to customers.
Rooted in Indonesia for 20 Years,
KEDA has Become the Preferred Brand in the Indonesian Market
As a major producer, consumer, and exporter of ceramic tiles in the world, Indonesia has always been a crucial international market for KEDA. Over the past nearly 20 years of establishment in Indonesia, KEDA has achieved numerous milestones, from the first international high-speed kiln to the largest international single-line complete production line project . 

From the first international application of KEDA's inkjet machines to the successful application of KEDA's first set of seven-axis robotic automatic stacking palletizing systems and intelligent tile storage systems with PC scheduling systems in Indonesia, KEDA has continuously driven technological progress and product upgrades in the Indonesian ceramic industry through innovation.
More importantly, in recent years, the model of“Lower Cost, Higher Return” represented by KEDA have helped Indonesian customers reduce production costs and improve production efficiency due to stable quality, large output, high cost-effectiveness, and high automation. This win-win situation has enabled KEDA to successfully secure the majority of new market orders in Indonesia. 
Collaborating with Indonesian clients such as Garuda, IKAD, Mulia, Platinum Enterprise, Gemilang, Arwana, SPS, and others, KEDA has undertaken one complete production line project after another. KEDA has indeed become the preferred brand in the Indonesian market.

In 2019, the Mulia red body glazed floor tile production line in Indonesia commenced operations, with a designed daily output of 40,000㎡ and an actual output of 44,000㎡, setting a new record for KEDA's international single-line production capacity.
In 2022, KEDA launched the first flagship project in Indonesia—the Mulia full polished glaze production line. It was the first international project to fully adopt the model of“Lower Cost, Higher Return“ for intelligent complete production lines. The post-kiln process featured intelligent tile storage, intelligent polishing, and packaging systems. This milestone marked the establishment of a new benchmark for "Lower Cost, Higher Return" in the international market, with KEDA leading the way.
Creating Value through Service:
Embarking on a Broader and Brighter Future with Indonesian Subsidiaries
Since KEDA established its first contracting point for the polishing line project in Indonesia in 2007, it has been 18 years. Over this time, KEDA has expanded its presence, establishing 6 contracting project points in Indonesia, thereby solidifying its position as one of the main hubs for KEDA's diversified project contracting, operations, and comprehensive services in the international market. Additionally, KEDA's spare parts business has experienced continuous and rapid growth within the Indonesian market.
In recent years, KEDA has achieved record-breaking orders in the Indonesian market, especially in 2023 when the market enthusiasm significantly declined. By deeply exploring customer needs and seizing the opportunity of upgrading and transformation in the Indonesian tile market, KEDA actively seized orders and achieved its best performance in history.

In 2023, KEDA Indonesian was officially established, marking a new chapter for KEDA in Indonesia. KEDA Indonesian is located in the CIKARANG area, where the ceramic industry is relatively concentrated. On the one hand, it can better tap into the market increment, consolidate and enhance KEDA's competitiveness in Indonesia. On the other hand, it can better serve customers and establish better long-term partnerships with them.
This is the first exhibition participation after the establishment of KEDA Indonesian. The establishment of KEDA Indonesian has enabled the company to enhance customer service, expedite its transition from a machinery supplier to a global ceramic service provider, and broaden its offerings beyond high-quality and cost-effective complete plant engineering & production machinery. It also facilitates convenience in ink, spare parts, and consumables supply services to cater to diverse customer needs. 
Over the past 20 years, KEDA has achieved remarkable success in Indonesia. Looking ahead, through ongoing efforts to deepen customer relationships, deliver excellent services, and create added value, KEDA is certain to usher in a promising future.

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