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Turkish Leading Enterprise Kale Group President Ms. Zeynep and her Delegation Visit KEDA, Ushering in a New Chapter of Strategic Cooperation

loading... 04 Jun 2024
On May 30th, the President and CEO of Kale Group, Zeynep Bodur Okyay (hereinafter referred to as Ms. Zeynep), accompanied by Board Member Esra Yazıcı Tözge, Vice General Manager (Operations) Süleyman Soysal, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development Abdullah Çerekçi, Chief Research and Development Engineer Mehmet Uğur Taşkıran, , General Manager of Kale Seramik Timur Karaoğlu, and Business Development Director Bahadır Borand, a delegation of seven individuals, arrived at KEDA Industrial Group for an exploratory visit. 

They were warmly received by the Chairman of KEDA Industrial Group Mr. Cheng BIAN, General Manager Mr. Xuexian YANG, Vice General Manager of KEDA Ceramic Machinery Mr. Xudong SUI, Chairman and General Manager of Guangdong KEDA New Energy Equipment Mr. Shuifu CHEN, Chairman of KEDA Hydraulic Mr. Jun YANG, General Manager of KEDA Ceramic Machinery Spare Parts Services Division Mr. Wangsheng SONG, General Manager of Press Division Mr. Zhijun PENG, International Marketing Director Mr. Jie YAO, General Manager of Turkey, Saudi Arabia Sales Zone Ms. Yu YANG, and General Manager of European Sales Region Mr. Jiang ZHENG.
It is known that Kale Seramik, established in 1957, was the first ceramic enterprise in Turkey. As a leader in the Turkish ceramic industry and a subsidiary of Kale Group, Kale Seramik is the 4th largest tile manufacturer in Europe and the 17th largest in the world, with 400 sales outlets in over 100 countries.
Kale Group began with ceramic manufacturing and gradually expanded into industries such as construction chemicals, logistics, and aviation. Today, Kale Group comprises 17 companies and employs over 5,000 people, with operations spanning across Turkey. 
Kale Seramik's ceramic production facilities are located in the Can district and Çanakkale district of Canakkale, the Yerköy district of Yozgat, and the Bandırma district of Balıkesir, producing 65 million square meters of tiles annually.

Ms. Zeynep and her team first visited the KEDA Industrial Group's showroom, gaining a thorough understanding of KEDA's developmental journey and business layout. They engaged in detailed discussions regarding KEDA's international business expansion and the development status of its diversified operations.
During the discussion session, Ms. Zeynep expressed gratitude for the warm reception extended by KEDA Industrial Group. She noted that over 20 years ago, she had visited China with a delegation from the Turkish ceramic industry and had previously toured KEDA. Today, revisiting KEDA, she observed remarkable transformations. 

From being a mere producer of ceramic machinery two decades ago, KEDA has evolved into a leading manufacturer of ceramic complete production lines, making solid strides in diversification and international investments based on ceramic machinery, and achieving commendable accomplishments.
Ms. Zeynep also remarked on KEDA's remarkable emphasis on service, particularly their meticulous and in-depth localization efforts. She highlighted the unwavering dedication of KEDA's service personnel during the pandemic, who fearlessly assisted local Turkish ceramic enterprises, which is a significant aspect of her partnership with KEDA.

Subsequently, Ms. Zeynep and her team engaged in thorough discussions with Chairman Mr. BIAN and General Manager Mr. YANG on topics such as new line collaborations, international investments, and business expansion.
Chairman Mr. BIAN expressed that as a leading enterprise in Turkey, Kale Group could greatly benefit from KEDA's competitive complete production line solutions for the renovation of existing lines, effectively reducing costs and increasing efficiency. 
Additionally, KEDA has progressively transformed into a comprehensive service provider in the building ceramic production industry, offering Kale Group a full-service system that includes spare parts, consumables, and production line contracting, ensuring convenience, peace of mind, and cost savings for clients.
He emphasized that KEDA Industrial Group is eager to collaborate with global customers to jointly advance industry progress. Chairman Mr. BIAN then shared the successful experiences of KEDA's building materials projects in Africa and provided valuable advice on international investments. 
He particularly stressed that KEDA is committed to the healthy development of the industry, with a philosophy centered on "creating value for customers", ensuring each client reaps substantial benefits. He advised clients to conduct thorough research on local market conditions before making international investment decisions.
Ms. Zeynep expressed her gratitude for the candid suggestions from Chairman Mr. BIAN and General Manager Mr. YANG. The discussions further extended into other fields such as AAC and lithium-ion battery materials, fostering deeper collaboration.

In conclusion, both parties exchanged gifts, symbolizing the close cooperation established between the two enterprises and the profound friendship between China and Turkey.
Since purchasing its first dry squaring & chamfering line from KEDA in 2015, Kale Group has continued to acquire various ceramic machinery from KEDA, establishing a deep cooperative relationship with the company.

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