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China Concrete Exhibition 2024 | Stone Machinery | Green Empowerment, New Quality Vitality

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From May 31 to June 2, 2024, the much-anticipated 6th China Building Materials Machinery Exhibition concluded at the Nanjing International Expo Center. 
KEDA Ceramic Machinery, together with Anhui KEDA Industrial Co., Ltd. and KEDA Stone Machinery, showcased its intelligent cellular ceramics complete production line solution at the exhibition. Among the showcased products, the holistic AAC plant solution, intelligent cellular ceramics production line, and cement based artificial stone production line garnered significant attention, showcasing KEDA's exceptional capabilities in automation, intellectualization, and green development within the building materials machinery industry.

This exhibition, organized by the China Building Materials Machinery Industry Association, is a specialized segment of the China Concrete Exhibition 2024. The exhibition, centered around "Green, Low-carbon, Intelligent, High-quality", focused on "Technological Empowerment, Innovation Leadership", aiming to inform more professional audiences about new products, new machinery, new technologies, and new applications in the industry through its displays and activities. 
The exhibition brought together over 300 outstanding enterprises from across China, collectively exploring new modes of industry-academia-research-application cooperation within the industrial, innovation, and value chains of the environmental protection and low-carbon sectors, thereby laying a solid foundation for future in-depth collaborations.

Solid Waste Treatment Technology Attracts Numerous Customers for Consultation
The cement based artificial stone is primarily made from stone fragments and powder as the main raw materials, with cement-based cementitious materials as the main adhesives, processed into artificial stone panels with a stone-like appearance and texture.

This cement based artificial stone technology can aggregate large-scale industrial solid waste resources (such as fly ash, slag, and building solid waste) into safe and healthy green wall and floor decorative panels. 
Utilizing water-based gel pressing and forming technology, it is resin-free, breaking the traditional artificial stone industry's dependence on resin adhesives, thus aligning with the Chinese development strategy of "energy saving and emission reduction, industrial upgrading, green environmental protection, and resource recycling".

Currently, China is comprehensively promoting green development. Green development is an essential requirement for building a high-quality modern economic system and is the fundamental strategy to address pollution issues. 
It emphasizes the cultivation and expansion of energy-saving and environmental protection industries, clean production industries, and clean energy industries, promoting comprehensive resource conservation and recycling.
Stone and mineral resources are non-renewable, and natural stone will become increasingly scarce in the future, far from meeting the enormous demand of the building materials market. 
Traditional artificial stone, being plastic products, has limitations in green environmental protection and weather resistance. The cement based artificial stone, with its resource recycling capabilities, is poised for a broader development prospect.
Application Cases for the Cement Based Artificial Stone

KEDA Stone Machinery is committed to machinery technology innovation and product optimization. By employing cement based artificial stone technology, exemplified by the vibrating feeding production line and vibrating press board production line, KEDA provides customers with highly efficient, intelligent, green, and low-carbon stone processing solutions. This drives the stone industry towards deeper upgrades and empowers the sector to create new quality productive forces.

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