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High-end Wood Grain Tiles Production Line with Annual Capacity of 6 Million Square Meters Put into Operation in Fujian Luxury Ceramics Smoothly

loading... 25 May 2023

Recently, the high-end wood grain tiles production line with an annual output of 6 million square meters customized for Fujian Quanzhou Luxury Ceramics Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Luxury Ceramics) by KEDA has been put into production successfully.

The production line mainly produces tiles with specifications of 150×800 (mm), 150×900 (mm), 200×1200 (mm), 250×1500 (mm), and 300×1800 (mm) etc., and the water absorption rate of products is less than 0.1%. The daily production capacity of the kiln is designed as 14,500 square meters, which has been exceeded and achieved 15,500 square meters recently.

Established in 1999, Luxury Ceramics has focused on the field of wood grain tiles for 24 years. It is an enterprise dedicated to providing global consumers with building ceramic products closer to nature. The company has brands of Weishengbao and Ganghao, and Weishengbao is positioned as a leading brand of wood grain tiles. With three modern production lines available now in the company, its wood grain tile products have full range of specifications and colors, realistic effect and outstanding quality, winning high recognition in the industry and long-term trust from consumers.

The first wood grain tiles production line of Luxury Ceramics has been built by KEDA Industrial Group as well. To enrich the product line and improve market competitiveness further, Luxury Ceramics and KEDA have collaborated again and introduced two KD8508 presses, energy-efficient seven-layer dryers, energy-efficient wide-bodied roller kilns, edging machines, dimension detectors, and fast, fully-compatible packaging lines.

Currently, one of two KD8508 presses on the line has been put into operation to produce 200×1200 (mm) wood grain tiles with a pressing speed of 8.1 times/minute (7 pieces in a single row) and a 24-hour production capacity of 18,500 square meters/day, setting a record of a single press's capacity of wood grain tiles in the industry.

Adopting high-end Aurora product series of KEDA, the kiln has an inner width of 2.6 meters and a length of 273 meters. It has been optimized innovatively based on the firing features of wood grain tiles and applied multiple patented technologies of KEDA Industrial Group to ensure the product quality and production capacity while saving energy more significantly. The adoption of intelligent control system for kiln makes operation management more scientific and convenient, improving the intelligence of the whole line.

The fast and fully-compatible packaging line designed for Luxury Ceramics by KEDA is not only suitable for 200×1200 (mm), 250×1500 (mm) and other specifications of wood grain tiles, but also compatible with many mainstream product specifications, such as 600×600 (mm), 800×800 (mm), 750×1500 (mm), and 900×1800 (mm) etc.

(Kang AN, KEDA Ceramic Machinery)
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