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Cultivate Turkey Market 18 Years, Open a New Chapter in Globalization

loading... 25 May 2023
Turkey sits astride two continents of Europe and Asia. The great civilizations of the East and the West, ancient Roman civilization and Islamic civilization, have all ever met here. The collision of different civilizations has left a profound imprint on this land, and for this reason, Turkey often showcases its stronger inclusiveness compared to other countries on the European continent.
As the third largest exporter of ceramic tiles in Europe after Italy and Spain, Turkey is also the fifth largest exporter of ceramic tiles globally. And architectural ceramic has always been one of the highly competitive industries in Turkey. Currently, there are 25 ceramic enterprises and 30 ceramic factories in Turkey building ceramic industry. With an annual capacity of 650 million square meters, Turkey ranks sixth in the world in terms of production and sales volume (based on data of 2022). As around 55% of Turkish ceramic products output is sold abroad, mostly to European and North American markets, corresponding quality, product design and fashion trends of ceramic tiles are all in line with Europe, mainly focusing on the medium and high-end products.

Owing to Turkey's geographical location and comprehensive strength in the global ceramic industry, the entry to Turkish market means occupying the bridgehead of the high-end European market.
After 18 years of solid and creative efforts, KEDA Group has achieved "triple jump" in Turkey ceramic industry and become a crucial supplier of ceramic machinery and industrial services in the local area. It has sold a total of 27 kilns, 70 presses and more than 60 polishing lines, covering all building ceramic customers and production areas in Turkey. In 2017, KEDA Group has established a subsidiary to promote localized services, forming a flourishing situation co-existing and win-win with the ceramic industry in Turkey.

The BOZUYUK factory in Turkey, for which the cornerstone was laid on March 18th, 2023, is an important strategic step for KEDA Group to promote localization in Turkey.
"Professional + service", cracking ceramic machinery market in Turkey

Italian ceramic machinery and equipment have dominated Turkish building ceramic market for decades. Abdullah Turkan, the Turkish agent of KEDA Ceramic Machinery, recalled: "I got my impression that before 2000, none of the machinery in Turkey's ceramic factories came from China, but all of them were from Italy."
Just under such a background with significant challenge, KEDA Group began to enter the Turkish market in 2005.

Unlike in China, the products of KEDA Group did not enjoy high popularity and reputation at the initial stage of entry. They were unknown in the local market. For this reason, KEDA Group has developed a targeted sales strategy for the Turkish market. First its flagship product of cost-effective polishing and edging machines were sold to break new ground in the local market. Meanwhile, "intimate & considerate" services were provided to help KEDA's polishing and edging machines build their reputation and occupy a certain share in the local market, making "presence" of KEDA brand known in the local market.
▲In October 2019, Jie YAO (the fifth from the right), Overseas Marketing Director of KEDA Ceramic Machinery, Yu YANG (the second from the right), the GM of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Russia Sales Territory, took a group photo with executives of Akkuc company in Turkey
"Because Italian equipment had been used in Turkey for a long time, when we first came in, they were arrogant and prejudiced against Chinese machinery and equipment by first impressions. Relying on the cost-effectiveness, services and communication of languages and culture, We gradually built confidence among customers through more visit and contact. Starting from a single machine to a production line, we had sales step by step. Later, we adopted the ‘contracting model’ and sent a dozen engineers to the factory of customer to deliver services. Gradually, we were on familiar terms with our customers." Jie YAO, Overseas Marketing Director of KEDA Ceramic Machinery, said.

From dominating Turkey market with polishing machine to the real sales of whole production line, KEDA Group's market development in Turkey had not all been plain sailing. In the tenth year (2014) since KEDA Group entered Turkey market, its first kiln was finally sold and in the following year, the first press was sold successfully. Only from then did KEDA Group truly embark on the road of market "expansion".
With the tireless marketing efforts of the Turkey marketing team led by Yu YANG, the General Manager of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Russia Sales Territory, KEDA Group won the first real order for the whole factory and whole production line in Turkey in 2015. This was a landmark market penetration undoubtedly. And the successful operation of TR051 whole production line in Turkey in 2016 completely reversed Turkish customers'bias against "Chinese Pattern" and removed their doubts about Chinese whole line machinery and equipment.